Monday, July 26, 2021
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If you ask ‘Howdy, Modi’, I’ll say – everything great in India”: Modi

Modi Kargil diwas

NEW DELHI, September 22: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today showcased India’s “Unity in Diversity” at a huge forum in the US — the mega public meeting in Houston attended not only by 50,000 Indian Americans but a battery of US lawmakers and President Donald Trump.
If you ask me ‘Howdy, Modi’ My answer is: Everything is great in India,” the Prime Minister said, referring to the title of the programme, billed by the organisers as largest-ever turnout for a foreign elected leader on US soil.
He then proceeded to translate the words in various Indian languages, adding at the end, “Our American friends must be amazed by what I said… All I said was — everything is fine.”
Citing languages as an example, he then said, “Unity in diversity is our heritage, it is our specialty… It is proof of our vibrant democracy. This is our power, inspiration. Wherever we go, we take principles of diversity and democracy”.
At the same time, he said, India is “impatient for progress”. Showcasing the country’s achievements over the last five years, he cited various fronts, including bank accounts for all, cooking gas for economically deprived families, rural road connectivity and rural sanitation.
“Today, they say data is the new oil. When it comes to oil, you people of Houston know it very well. I will even say data is the new gold, Industrial Revolution 4.0 is all about data. Today, if there is cheapest data available anywhere, it is India. Today, 1 GB data costs just 25-30 cents in India,” he said, highlighting the government’s achievements under the Digital India programme.
One of the key goals of the Prime Minister’s visit is seeking investment as part of the government’s efforts to revive the sluggish economy. The government has already eased the norms for foreign direct investment. Over the coming days, the Prime Minister is expected to attend several meetings with the industrial leaders in the US.
PM Modi had landed in the US for a week-long visit on Saturday. Over the coming days, he will hold several bilateral meetings and address the United Nations General Assembly. (Agencies)