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If common man says things that PM Modi says, you will take him straight to psychiatrist: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI, MAY 23: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, claiming that if an ordinary person had made the statements Modi has been making recently, they would be taken directly to a psychiatrist.
Rahul took aim at PM Modi’s claim of being “sent by God”, alleging that he was “working for 22 people” and doing “nothing” for the poor.
The Congress leader was referring to PM’s remarks in a recent TV interview in which Modi had claimed that he was not “born biologically”, adding that “I am getting this energy as God sent me to do His work.”
“It is strange that this ”person who was sent by God’ only works for 22 people. PM Modi does everything as per Ambani and Adani’s wishes… They give all the assets of the country, like railways, ports, airports, etc., to Adani. At the same time, when poor people ask for loan waiver, roads, hospitals, education, etc., Narendra Modi does nothing”, Rahul said.
At an election meeting in northeast Delhi’s Dilshad Garden in support of party candidate Kanhaiya Kumar, he claimed that the BJP always wanted to change the Constitution.
Rahul also charged that the BJP always wanted to “tear and throw away” the Constitution and asserted that the Lok Sabha elections this time is a fight to safeguard it.
“These people (BJP) have always wanted to tear and throw it (Constitution) away. They never accepted the Indian Constitution or the Indian flag. In this election, finally, they have accepted that they want to change it”, he charged.
“In this election, the fight is for safeguarding the Indian Constitution. It is not simply a book; our Constitution carries thousands of years of the ideological heritage of Gandhi, Ambedkar and Nehru ji”, the Congress leader said.
The former Congress president said the BJP has finally “accepted” in this election that it wanted to change the Constitution.
However, the BJP will have to face the opposition and crores of people of the country if it tried to change the Constitution, he said.
“I want to tell them (BJP) you don’t have the dare to do it (change Constitution). You will have to face us and the crores of people of India if you attempt it”, Gandhi added.
The Election Commission had on Wednesday asked the Congress to ensure that its star campaigners and candidates do not make statements which give a false impression that the Constitution may be abolished or sold.
Thursday is the last day of campaigning in the city. Delhi will go to polls on May 25 and the results will be announced on June 4.
(Courtesy: TNIE)