Thursday, June 17, 2021

IDA of St Joseph University to boycott online Freshers’ Meet

Dimapur, August 30: The Inter-Departmental Association (IDA) of St. Joseph University Dimapur and the Department Associations have decided to boycott the online Freshers’ Meet for undergraduate students to be held on September 2 in protest against the lack of response and responsibility from the University authority to the problems faced by the students.
In a press release issued by its Media Cell, the IDA stated that various Departmental Associations, along with the IDA, had written representations and had tried multiple times to reach out to the authority in person and through telephone to discuss various issues regarding online exams, marks evaluation, hostel and bus fees, teachers’ salary, etc. but they did not entertain the Associations. Therefore, the IDA submitted an ultimatum on July 28.
Even though the deadline of August 5 expired without any communication from the University authorities, the authority is yet to given any written clarification as had been demanded.
The IDA said the students have been forced to undertake online exams despite great stress and difficulties. The verbal assurances that unused transportation and hostel mess fees would be reimbursed to the students haven’t been fulfilled as yet, nor have teachers been credited of their pending salary, it added.
The IDA further said the Controller of Examinations has still not clarified how internal marks and final grades would be calculated causing a lot of tension and confusion among students.
The Controller refuses to answer phone calls made to seek any clarification, it alleged.
To show the dissatisfaction of the students, the IDA has decided that all students of St. Joseph University, both freshers as well as intermediate students, would boycott the online Freshers’ Meet that has been organized for the undergraduates, and scheduled to be held on September 2.
It has also decided that all students should strictly refrain from further paying tuition fees for the ensuing semester until the University fulfils all the genuine demands of the students.
The IDA also alleged that the University administration chosen to disseminate crucial information to the students through Whatsapp forwards, without any official letterheads, signature and other necessary details, which creates more confusion among students.
It further appealed to all the students’ organisations, civil societies, political parties, government officials, ministers, MLAs and all stakeholders to intervene and help the students to be freed from all these malpractices. (Page News Service)