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I felt proud to vote in Nagaland, says Governor Ganesan

Nagaland News

“Indians should develop liking for voting more enthusiastically”

Nirendra Dev
NEW DELHI, JUNE 10: India is a great country and people are always democratic and cherish democratic values and spirit but when it comes to voting on the polling day, an estimated 40% of people stay away, lamented Nagaland Governor La Ganesan here on Monday.
“This is a great country and people value and cherish democratic spirit and principles but why voting percentage is often so dismal?” the Governor told Nagaland Page in a brief interaction in the national capital.
La Ganesan is in the capital to attend the swearing in of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Union Council of Ministers.
“I feel proud that as the first citizen of Nagaland State, I voted in Nagaland in this year’s Lok Sabha election… I will be voting again during the Urban Local body polls due on June 26”, he said.
“People should take keen interest in voting and also getting their names listed in the electoral rolls where they reside for professional works, etc….Several voters from Kerala and Tamil Nadu went to their respective home towns to vote during just concluded elections. I said I will always encourage. I will give leave”, La Ganesan said.
He lamented that a sizable section of middle class people plan holidays and party on the polling day: “it is not good”
To a question, he said, “In fact, the idea of getting electoral list linked to Aadhar card is very good. As a Rajya Sabha Member, I said once when you go to temple, the priest will ask you all details, your name, father’s name, Gotra and also Aadhar card and then I said the blessings will reach directly the place where you stay…. Everyone laughed.”
To another question, he said, “I find the Ministry formation fairly satisfactory for Northeast.”