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Hundreds join CAA protest in Dimapur

CAA protest dimapur

Dimapur, December 22: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) Saturday organized a public protest rally against Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) here at Khermahal police point. The protest saw participation not only from Congress workers, but also members from different civil societies and students in large numbers.
Police and security forces were heavily deployed to ensure that no untoward incident happened. The protest was entirely peaceful.
Speaking on the occasion, NPCC president K Therie lambasted the Narendra Modi led Government for creating chaos in the country by passing the obnoxious CAB 2019 in the parliament which got the assent of the President of India and is now an Act.
Voicing his anger against the passage of the CAB, Therie said, “CAA is discriminatory against the Muslims and as Christians we should see to it that discrimination against anyone is not allowed.” He said CAA is in total violation of the very spirit of the Constitution and it has divided India, and declared that the people of Nagaland and North East will oppose totalitarianism and communalism.
“Modi and Amit Shah are hell bent on polarizing the society and entire India is burning, so where is the development so voiced by Modi. Development is hardly visible but anarchy, chaos and killings looms all over India under Modi raj,” he said.
Therie also came down heavily against the Neiphiu Rio led PDA Government for the several u-turns and zig-zag on the Citizenship Bill. “The Neiphiu Rio led state government first favoured the CAB, then made a u-turn and opposed the CAB, then it went zig-zag by accepting the CAB citing that ILP and Article 371 (A) will protect the Nagas,” he said adding we are not fools and we can no longer trust this ‘zig-zag State Government’.
Criticizing the two State MPs (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha), K Therie said, “Our two MPs supported the bill in the parliament. They might not have understood the critical ramifications of the bill”.
“One MP said that he voted supporting the bill because his party supported it and the other MP stated that he felt the CAB will protect the Nagas and for which he voted in favour of the Bill whereas as per the party concerned opposed the bill.”
“Both the MPs are confused and they had not applied their individual intellect and could not match their stands with the dominant BJP MPs,” he alleged.
“It is clear now that the regional parties MPs cannot stand before the BJP and take their stand, rather they have to toe the line of the BJP,” Therie said.
Former Chief Minister KL Chishi said, “We don’t want CAA and we don’t want NRC. Modi and Amit Shah are posing as gods before the Indian population and they should stop playing with the sentiments of the people. CAA is detrimental for the Nagas and in the long run Bangladeshi Hindus will dominate entire north east and Nagaland as a whole and we will not be able to voice out because they will be a majority in the state and Tripura is an example”.
Chishi also fiercely opposed the imposition of ILP in Dimapur by the State Government stating that non Nagas were residing in Dimapur prior to 1963 and they have contributed much for the development of the State but the State Government now wants to impose ILP on these people but is silent on crores of illegal Bangladeshi Hindus who are being imported into India by the CAA.
Criticizing the State Government, KL Chishi said, “Kicking out citizens and bringing in Bangladeshis is a mad man choice and we don’t need such PM and HM and also we don’t need such State Government which cannot take its own stand but dances to the tunes of the BJP Government”.
Criticizing the political parties in the State, Chishi said, “How to be CM and remain as the CM, how to remain as MLAs and become Ministers, that’s the only thoughts and aspirations of NDPP, NPF and BJP in the State.”
Pointing at BJP and NDPP, Chishi said, “Who are you to advise us, why you are trying to fool the Naga people. Take back your law, use it wherever you wish but we will not allow it in the north east.”
Ex-MLA, Dimapur -II, SI Jamir said Nagas became officially the citizens of India on 1st December 1963 and Nagas in totality oppose the CAA, while also criticizing the State Government for bringing Dimapur under the ILP regime. He said, “With one voice we say no to CAA and NRC.”
Secretary, NPCC, T Yanger said, “People of NE do not want the CAA, it’s unanimously not wanted and we are voicing out that we do not want CAA and NRC in NE and it’s very clear.”
Secretary, NPCC Rajesh Kumar Sethi said that Modi and Shah wants us to be in long queues again like the demonetization. We have come for our rights and we all should unite and oppose the CAA and NRC, he said.
Kahuto Chishi Sumi, convener of Concerned People of Nagaland and general secretary of Nagaland Indigenous People’s Forum speaking as one of the guest speaker said that RSS and BJP are not Hindus rather they represent a section of Hindus who follow hindutava polices and the rest of the Hindus abhors the RSS agendas.
He said, “Today with the CAA, they targeted the Muslims, tomorrow they will target the Christians and other minority communities”.
“Nagaland has more than 4000 NGOs but where are they at present…. Is it not their duty to fight for the rights of the people,” he questioned, adding we all need to unite to fight the fascism thwarted upon us.
Dr Lima, representing the Northeast Indigenous People’s Forum, said since the coming of the BJP at the Centre, they have strangulated all the rights of the people of India. “One after the other our rights are being infringed and we are watching as a mere spectator. The present CM of Tripura is a Bangladeshi born and Northeast will face the same in years to come if we don’t oppose the citizenship bill. We will be a minority in days to come in our own land”, he remarked.
Secretary, NPCC, Akavi Zhimomi criticizing the stands of the two state MPs supporting the CAB, urged them to step down.
Extending support to protestors in other cities, Akavi urged Naga students to even go to Delhi and participate in the protest movement against the bill and added that it is the rally of the Naga public and this rally should send out strong signals that we oppose the bill and we will not let it be implemented. (Page News Service)