Huge cache of arms, ammunition, explosives recovered in Meghalaya


Shillong, May 23: Meghalaya Police recovered another huge haul of weapons in the northeastern state on Wednesday morning.
According to the reports, Meghalaya Police had recovered huge cache of arms, ammunition and explosives belonging to banned Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) in East Garo Hills district, which were buried in the forest area by the outfit group.
According to the reports, based on intelligence input, a police team of East Garo Hills district had launched operation at Dorengkigre and Bawegre area on Wednesday morning.
East Garo Hills district Superintendent of Police (SP) R Momin said that the search teams were assisted by some villagers who helped the police to unearth some of the weapons.
“A few of the people came forward and showed some of the places where the weapons were stashed in the jungle. Some of them were retrieved from such difficult places that it would not have been possible without the positive efforts of the villagers,” the top Meghalaya cop said.
The police team had recovered one .303 LMG, two AK rifles, one H&K rifle, 4 SBML Barrels, 5 UBGL shells, 5 AK rifle magazines, 2 rockets (RPG), one 9mm magazine , one 9 mm carbine magazine, one remote control, one signal booster, 12 IED remote circuits, 30 AK rifle bullets, 8 pistols, 2 kg of gelatine sticks, 66 electric detonators and 7 cleaning rods.
After killing of Sohan D Shira, C-in-C of Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA), Meghalaya Police is now trying to crack down on the insurgent group and recover arms, ammunition and explosives of the outfit.
On May 13, Meghalaya Police had recovered 4 RPG rockets, one 7.62 LMG, two 7.62 LMG barrels, one .303 LMG barrels, one G3 rifle, 90 rounds of rifle ammunition, four charger clips from Bawegre village area, which were buried by the suspected GLNA militants.
On April 9, Meghalaya Police recovered 30 pistols with 44 pistol magazines, 2 AK46, 1 LMG and 2 magazines, 1 INSAS and 2 magazines, 44 SLR magazines, 1 AK magazine, 60 SLR live rounds, 7 walky talkie sets along with more items in East Garo Hills district.  Apart from it, the East Garo Hills district police had recovered 2038 rounds of 7.62 AK ammunition, 60 rounds of 9mm, 1087 rounds of 7.7mm, 320 rounds of HMG ammunition, 10 numbers remote circuit for IED, two remote controls, 16 charger clips and 4 ammunition boxes on April 11 last. (Agencies)