Wednesday, June 16, 2021

HR mismanagement

An efficient system of governance always runs in line with time tested traditions, set rules, procedures and a job chart prescribed for every designated entity within the system as per the qualification and level of learning. Any deviation for no reasons other than vested interests makes the whole administrative setup inefficient and faulty. In modern system of administration, technocrats play a vital role in development and progress of nation and societies. Every person contributing in good governance with scientific knowledge and approach is a technocrat. Contribution of doctors, engineers and agriculture scientists is quite visible in administrative activities, but beyond this there are many other technical experts who are involved in administration at different levels. Quality human resource is unable to deliver efficiently to the best of their capability unless they are not provided congenial working conditions and level avenues of professional excellence in a dignified way. Technocrats under hostile working conditions are more often susceptible to inefficiency and disgruntlement. Unfortunately, for the last more than two decades most of the technocrats within our administration have either been marginalized or the system shaped in a way so as to belittle this lot. Some departments and sections of administration cannot deliver or run without the exclusive scientific intervention and administration of technocrats. For that matter other specialized units of administration like education and social welfare can only be run efficiently by qualified and trained educationists and social scientists. Likewise a police department or emergency and disaster management units cannot be managed by any person who is not trained police personnel or well versed with managing emergencies and disasters. A particular administrative entity or section of administrative personnel cannot be ‘jacks of all trades’ and end as ‘master of none’. Since long, throughout the country there are instances where instead of prominent educationists retired police or army officers are appointed as vice chancellors of universities. Is there dearth of distinguished academicians or able civil administrators that compel authorities to opt for such unjustified selections? If such appointments will be analyzed in right administrative and scientific perspective then all these fall under favouritism. Anyway, we are here to focus on technocrats and their diminishing role in the affairs of administration. Here this should not be interpreted as special liking for any particular section of administration or discriminatory attitude towards others. The thing is we quite often see during regular transfer and posting of officials that officers are transferred from one department to another without taking into account his/her grasp of the working knowledge of the new department to where he/she is posted. Take for instance whether it is justified to hand over charge of the health and welfare department to a person who may be qualified and experienced in managing routine administrative matters, but knows nothing in the field of medical sciences and hospital administration? Clearly, such cases are not only unjustified but unfair as well. The point being made here is that a part-time and nontechnical head of an institution is unable to understand the requirements and difficulties of the faculty, scientist and other technical staff. Thus a demoralized technical human resource won’t be able to deliver to the satisfaction of all. How can an arts knowing officer run agriculture marketing and processing section or manage command area development scheme for soil conservation and water management? How will a tourism expert steer technically complex and scientifically elaborate department like agriculture and horticulture development? How come a law knowing officer heading social welfare department can understand the needs of underprivileged and other socially deprived people without basic knowledge of social science. Indeed these are some stark realities of faulty human resource management in our administrative setup. Undermining the technocrats by promoting adhocracy and favouritism is one of the worst flaws in administration that breeds inefficiency and acrimony within the ranks.