Friday, April 19, 2024

HPBWC urges SBI to replace ATM at Hongkong Market


Dimapur, December 12: The Hazi Park Business Welfare Committee (HPBWC) has urged the State Bank of India authorities to replace the ATM installed at Hongkong market/Hazi Park as it is not functional and is causing inconveniences to the general public.

HPBWC President, Hukato V Achumi said that the ATM was installed by the SBI in 2018 and since then it has been giving problems. He said several complaints and reminders have been sent to the bank to replace the ATM machine with a new one, but nothing has been done so far. He said people coming to Hongkong market/Hazi Park are facing inconveniences while withdrawing money from the ATM.
In a press release, the HPBWC said Hazi Park/Hongkong Market is one of the busiest markets in Dimapur as hundreds of people come to these markets for purchasing. As such, the market needs a proper and functional ATM so that people can use it to withdraw money.
During this festive season, the number of people coming to these markets has increased and many have already expressed resentment over non-functional ATM, it added
“It is ironic that the ATM installed by the State Bank of India has been giving trouble since it was installed and several requests and reminders have been sent in written to replace the machine, but till today the machine has neither been repaired nor replaced with a new one,” the Committee said.
It may be mentioned that there is only one ATM booth in Hongkong Market/Hazi Park.
The Committee further stated that a written request for replacement of the Old ATM machine at Hazi Park/Hongkong Market was sent to the Assistant General Manager, SBI Regional Office, Dimapur in September and October this year, but nothing has been done till date.
The HPBWC requested the SBI authorities to look into the matter with utmost urgency and replace the old ATM machine in the larger interest of the business community and the general public. (Page News Service)