How effective is our vigil against Illegal immigrants (ILP under BEFRA 1873)


We the Nagas, including me, seem to be very conscious of the risk of getting over flooded with outsiders and especially the Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants (IBIs). Of course, the various social organizations, the Students Bodies and the general Naga public are quite confident that the Nagaland Police (who are mostly Nagas themselves) are keeping vigil on the immigrants entering Nagaland. We also have the state government which is run by Nagas themselves, the elected MLAs and bureaucrats, mostly Nagas, meant to take care of our security and to ensure that we are not polluted with outsiders. But even after 55 years of statehood, the Nagas have not bothered to have a written guideline for enforcing the ILP, under BEFRA. We only sit confidently that our policemen are keeping watch at the check gates. But I am given the first hand evidence that our policemen cannot be trusted and we cannot sit confidently that we have the BEFRA to protect us. I have a first hand episode, to narrate to support my claim. The episode runs like this: one Md Adibur Rahman, from Basamimolu, PS Farnipan under Sonitpur district of Assam, was helping me in my farm on monthly salary. But his wife got a new daughter and the Assam state govt was also very diligently checking the identity of each citizen, for eligibility to be registered under the NRC. So we decided that he may go home and remain there till his daughter is at least six months and in the meantime to complete the NRC process for his family. So he went away to his native village Basamimolu; but left some of his belongings. However I found another person to replace him. So I brought his belongings, from the farm, to my house at Wokha town and informed him through phone that I would deliver his belongings to him at Dimapur when I go to Dimapur. His ILP also had expired and I did not bother to renew it since it is no longer needed. But to my surprise, he came to Wokha on the 16th July 2018, afternoon, to pick up his belongings. I asked him as to how he could come without Permit (TMP). He told me “permit na lake, ek sho tuka thakile hoishe (permit is not required, if you have one hundred Rupees)”. “Aru kinuka japo (how will you go back)?”, I asked him. He told me “japo le to sapo le pi nohoi (for going back no checking)”. This is a true first hand evidential episode and I believe is the usual practice at our check gates. If those responsible, want to confirm, I have the copy of his PRC as well as his mobile number and the said Md Adibur Rahman can be produced for personal testimony. So can the Nagas sit confidently that there is the BEFRA to check immigrants?
Just recently the Nagaland state govt has directed all the District Administrative machinery, village, town and municipal bodies to be extra vigilant against entry of illegal immigrants; from Assam. But the checking, if done like in the case of Adibur Rahman, is not going to help check any illegal immigrant! Will those at the check gates, policemen or others, be more sensible and responsible in discharging their duties, to be more sincere and committed? Will the Nagaland state government bring out a specific written guideline to help in enforcing the ILP? The Nagas surely cannot allow their future to be bartered away with Rs.100/- (Rupees one hundred)!
Er. Mhondamo Ovung,
Chief Engineer, PHED (Retired),
Wokha, Nagaland

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