Saturday, May 8, 2021
Page Mail

How can police enter a University without permission?

Dear Madam,
How can the police enter a University without permission in a democratic country? According to Jamia Milia Islamia Chief Proctor Waseem Ahmed Khan, the police entered their campus by force without permission from the University and began beating up students. The photos of injured students exposed the police brutality inside the campus and allegedly even inside the library of the University. Who had issued the order asking the police to forcibly enter the University and resort to violence? This shameful act must be condemned by those who believe in democratic values.
The demand of Najma Akhtar, Vice-Chancellor of Jamia Milia University, for a high-level inquiry to look into the police’s entry must be taken up immediately by the government. Students are our children. They are our future. Like a parent whose primary job is to raise his or her children and to give them protection and education, a government also needs to accept it as its main responsibility. A government must not fail children and the students of the country which it governs. The students should get the highest priority. It is found that the countries that have high human development score always treat their students with dignity and care. We need to sincerely follow it.
Sujit De, Kolkata