House Sutra launches branch in Dimapur


Dimapur, June 8: A branch of House Sutra, an online based furniture store, was launched in Dimapur on Saturday. Co-founded by Ovi Yeptho, House Sutra is an omni-channel furniture store that caters to the unique experience of providing custom-made furniture at affordable prices.
Special invitee K Enatoli Sumi, Advocate on Record, Standing Counsel for the State of Nagaland, Supreme Court of India shared her vision of a Nagaland led by the young generation full of dreams and the resilience to rise above all odds. She emphasized the importance of supporting fellow Nagas in order to thrive as a society in all aspects whether economically, ecologically and spiritually.
Speaking about the brand, co-founder Ovi Yeptho chronicled the journey so far from conceptualizing House Sutra back in November 2015 to finally launching its operations in Bangalore in May 2016. With an initial investment of only Rs 5 lakhs, the company started as a supplier and progressed to a manufacturer in order to have direct control over quality. With manufacturing units in Jaipur, as of now, it is delivering to 20 cities in India. They are working and collaborating with local artisans in translating modern designs to them and helping in reviving their business. House Sutra has been incubated by AIC, Banasthali under NITI Aayog.
Young entrepreneurs, bloggers, and community leaders came together for the launch of the store.
The store is now opened near Chekiye Bazaar, Dimapur.
(Page News Service)