Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Horti Deptt organizes Integrated Export Development training

Dimapur, July 14: An ‘Integrated Export Development Project (Training)’ organized by the North East Foundation and sponsored by Government of Nagaland’s Horticulture Department is underway here at DAN Training Centre, Dimapur. The inaugural programme of the same was held today here in the premise of Carmel Higher Secondary School, Chekiye Village, Dimapur.
The programme was graced by Mhathung Yanthan, advisor to the Department of Horticulture as a special guest and MK Mero, Principal Secretary, Horticulture as a special invitee.
The intention of the 10 day training being held from July 14 to 23 is to develop new exporters in Nagaland. The 30 candidates selected for the training would be trained by expert faculty on foreign trade. Through the training, arrangement of trade licenses will also be made and the trainees would be connected with the importers of Bangladesh and Myanmar.
Speaking on the occasion, Yanthan said that Nagaland is trapped in the vicious cycle of ‘no production’ and therefore ‘no market’ leading to ‘no production’ again and this needs to be broken by proper marketing which the department is focusing much on.
He said that though Nagaland has immense potential to export agri products, the state is still lagging behind because of no market and lack of right buyers.
Acknowledging that the roads in the state are in dire straits, which is also a factor that is leading to difficulty in exporting products outside Nagaland, he said that this factor won’t remain like this as the PDA government is committed towards improving the roads of the state and is pumping a lot of energy and money in this.
He also added that the central government is also involved in this and the state government would approach further the centre to ease the problem of transport.
He said that the crops of Nagaland are organic by default though not officially organic and once it is declared organic officially, about which the government is mulling, it would improve the demand of the agricultural products of the state.
Principal Secretary, MK Mero in his speech maintained that in the days to come, with the improved connectivity with upcoming and ongoing road and rail projects in the state, exporting products outside Nagaland would be rather very easy unlike the earlier days when exporting appeared like a far-fetched dream.
He said that though the production of many crops in the state has increased significantly over the years, the state but needs ore processing facilities to extract juices from products like pineapple so as to facilitate better and cheaper transportation and eventually export of products.
He said that the department has done much over the years but things are not changing much because of marketing and therefore the department is planning to set up a marketing wing.
President of Bangladesh Fruits, Vegetables & Allied Products Exporter Association SM Jehangir Hossain, who was also one of the guests for the programme asked the trainees during his brief speech that the trainees should focus first on the quality of products and then go for exports and added that the soil of Nagaland is very fertile and it should be properly utilized.
He also agreed that the roads of the state are a problem and unless the roads improve, the exporters cannot do much. He, nevertheless, assured the trainees to introduce them to the importing countries.
More than 100 candidates had applied for the training of which only 30 were selected.
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