Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Horti Dept trains field functionaries on soft skills

Dimapur, April 17: The Department of Horticulture conducted training on soft skills development for field functionaries on April 17 at the Directorate of Horticulture, Kohima.
Director of Horticulture, Dr. R. Elithung Lotha said the department has been working hand in hand with different departments and other private entrepreneurs over the past few years in order to promote horticulture products.
Stating that the department is manned by highly qualified people, he expressed hope that the training will help the role of field functionaries in the districts in communicating and convincing the people. He said the department is in dire need of educated people who can educate people not only on production but also the importance of marketing after harvesting.
Stressing on the importance of soft skills development, he said convincing people and expressing one’s ideas for the others to embrace requires good communication skills.
Director, Youth Net, Alezo Putsure, in his introductory note, said the most important thing in life is how we communicate. Soft skills will not come from what we have studied or the books we have read or the videos we have seen but it comes through interaction, he said.
Deputy Director, Meshento Ghap chaired the programme while vote of thanks was proposed by Assistant Horticulture Officer, Eluba. (Page News Service)