Thursday, July 29, 2021

Hornbill Riders’ Meet concludes

Hornbill Riders

Dimapur, December 9: Every Royal Enfield rider across the country dreams of one day attending the much celebrated Hornbill Riders’ Meet in Nagaland. This year around 350 riders from across the country and a couple from outside the country got to live their dreams as they, together, with hundreds of riders from Nagaland took part in the 7th Edition of Hornbill Riders Meet. The event was organised by Nagaland Motorcycle Club as part of the ongoing Hornbill Festival 2018.
Hornbill Riders’ meet is a two-day that began on December 7 and concluded on December 9 with the riders making a final ride to Naga Heritage Village, Kisama.
The riders camped at Thizama, Kohima for the two-day event where several events like live music, DJ Night–EDN Night by DJ Amar and Highland Orachles Band and traditional games kept the riders entertained. The riders also rode to Puliebadze on December 8 and later in the evening visited the Night Carnival at Kohima.
According to an official release, the Hornbill Riders Meet has slowly become bigger and better as the years passed and this year it definitely not disappointed those that have rode their Royal Enfields thousands of kilometres to be part of the event. The Hornbill Riders Meet is not just a meet for Royal Enfield riders but importantly it is about bringing people from different places with different cultures together as one and show case the beauty of Nagaland, the hospitality of our people and the rich culture and traditions of Nagaland.
The Hornbill Riders Meet 2018 saw riders from the whole of North East along with riders from other parts of the country and a few from outside the country including one rider from Bhutan and one from Japan.
Dabu from Manipur said that he was extremely satisfied with the event and was greatly touched by the hospitality of the Naga people. He added that it was indeed a dream come true for him to see such a beautiful place and experience such beautiful people and also encouraged others to join the Hornbill Riders Meet in the years to come which he promised he would definitely do so.
Another rider Linus M. Zo from Aizawl Thunders, while adding that this was his first Hornbill experience, said he really enjoyed the experience especially the food, the beautiful landscapes and most importantly the hospitality and the generosity of the Naga people. Tobgay from Bhutan also expressed that he thoroughly enjoyed his first visit to Nagaland and the Hornbill Riders Meet.
The Hornbill Riders Meet has become one of the major attractions of the Hornbill Festival and the 2018 edition of the event has definitely not disappointed anyone and judging by the response of the riders the event will only grow bigger in the years to come. The Hornbill Riders Meet is definitely the place to be for all Royal Enfield Riders.
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