Saturday, May 18, 2024

Hornbill Festival enters 4th day

Kuki cultural troupe performing Savailhun
Kuki cultural troupe performing ‘Savailhun’, which is a song and dance, referring to a grand reception of bountiful hunting during the cultural presentation at Kisama. Seen in the picuture is a group of Kuki men carrying the head of a Mithun while performing ‘Savailhun’.

Dimapur, December 4: The morning session of the fourth day of the Hornbill Festival was graced by Executive Director and State Head, Indian Oil Corporation, Guwahati, G. Ramesh as special guest on December 4. The host of the programme was Speaker, Nagaland Legislative Assembly, Sharingain Longkumer, and the co-host was Advisor, Horticulture and Border Affairs, Mhathung Yanthan. In the evening session, the host was Minister, Housing and Mechanical, Tongpang Ozukum.
In the morning session of the cultural programme at Kisama, the Ao cultural troupe performed the Nokinketer Yar (warrior’s dance) which was accompanied by the headhunting ceremonial ululation. The Rengma cultural troupe presented a folk dance titled ‘Ben Kesi,’ which was followed by the Kuki cultural troupe performing the Savailhun (song & dance), the Angami cultural troupe from Viswema village performing the Nyokro Kevü (action/folk song), and the Chakhesang cultural troupe presenting a folk song titled ‘Nohüli.’
The Lotha cultural troupe presented the Serulo (dance of joy), which is usually performed by the young menfolk during leisure time after the completion of all domestic work assigned to them for the day. The Zeliang cultural troupe performed the skylark dance (Roina), which was followed by the Sumi cultural troupe performing the spear head kicking.
In the evening session of the cultural programme, the Zeliang cultural troupe performed Temangna Lim (swift bird dance), followed by the Pochury cultural troupe presenting a folk song ‘Ooyi Kwhi.’ The Kachari cultural troupe performed an indigenous game, ‘Rimin Nelaiyaba,’ followed by the Sumi cultural troupe performing the Aghe Kishi. Garo cultural troupe presented Rugala Chroka or Rugala dance, the Lotha cultural troupe performed the Otchu Emhayialo (song and dance), Rengma cultural troupe presented Ngada Ghayen (Ngada folk dance), followed by the Angami cultural troupe performing a folk dance/folk song. (Page News Service)