Hornbill Festival begins today; Rs. 1.4 crore for inauguration

Hornbill Festival begins today;  Rs. 1.4 crore for inauguration

Kohima, November 30: All set to start a ten day extravaganza Hornbill Festival to showcase rich Naga culture and traditions to the outside world.
Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh would be the Chief Guest at Kisama. On the occasion the State Government has also invited former Chief Ministers to attend the inaugural programme.
US Ambassador Kenneth Juster will be Guest of Honour at Kisama, Speical Guest will be Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde, Supreme Court. Several foreign representatives and Indian officials are expected to attend the celebration.
The inaugural programme will be held at 3.30 p.m.
Apart from inauguration of Festival of Festivals at Kisama, Statehood Day will also be observed at the Secretariat Plaza where all Government employees have been directed to attend.
This year the State Government has allotted Rs. 5 crore for the festival out of which Rs. 1.4 crore was for the inauguration.
The Hornbill Festival started in 2000 with an objective of promoting tourism embarked upon an ambitious project to exploit the cultural assets of Nagaland, through a weeklong long festival to coincide with the celebration of Nagaland Statehood Day on December 1. The inception of the Nagaland Hornbill Festival so named in collective reverence to the bird enshrined in the cultural ethos of the Nagas to espouse the spirit of unity in diversity.
Nagaland is a cultural mosaic of diverse multi-ethnicity sprung up by the several tribes that inhabit the State. Each community celebrates its myriad festivals revolving around the agrarian calender that makes Nagaland by default, a land of festivals.
Twelve years on, this intangible heritage asset has been aptly tagged lined in the changed moniker – “Nagaland Hornbill Festival: Festival of Festivals” to encompass through collective celebration the colour and vibrant elements of all the tribal festivities and give a glimpse of Naga life to titillate cultural sensibilities. What has emerged from a local heritage event, metaphored to a national and international festival has now become a must visit and notable attraction in the travel itinerary of both domestic and international travellers.
The festival draws all Naga tribes and sub-tribes to the celebration.
Prominent sights at Kisama are the imposing tribal Morungs that are resplendent specimens of vernacular architecture. Every Naga community is represented in their respective Morungs. Some even accommodate the majestic log drums where male members intermittently beat the gigantic hollowed log with wooden beaters in perfect synchronization. Long before the age of modern communications, the Nagas devised indigenous methodologies of relaying messages by beating different tempos and arrangements to send out messages decipherable only to the village members. As you hear the sound reverberate throughout Kisama it hypnotically draws you in search of the source.
During the inaugural programme Village Chief Shikuto Zalipu will pronounce a traditional blessing.
This year the Government has declared Kisama as plastic free zone. (Page News Service)