Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Holy Chhath Festival – Honour Of The Sun

In the Bharatiya culture, the holy honour of the sun has been mentioned since the Vedic period. The Sun is a great honour. It has spiritual, social and scientific importance. Its reorganization still exists and will remain in future also. Right now, we can see that on the rivers, reservoirs and waterfalls, this time, People, holy and holy people have integrated without caste, language, religion, state. Sesame place is not found everywhere along rivers. People from all over the world have been celebrating in various forms of the Sun vrat (fast), which is contained in the root of specially Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand region.
Today, the Bharatiya summit is divided on the basis of religion, caste, language, province, group, rich-poor, and high-low. The Chhath festival is such a festival, where religious, caste, language, province, group, rich-poor is no discrimination. By gathering together at the bank of the river, all devotees unstoppable honour to God Sun.
This festival is becoming an icon of social harmony. Therefore, today this festival is of great significance. This festival is the root of Bharatiya culture. This is the tradition of Bharat’s culture. This festival is a simple example of the preservation and enrichment of generations-to-generation tradition. Those who are far away from Bharat’s culture, have a very large social and spiritual system to bring them closer through this festival. This is the reason that the festival has a relevant significance, which is built and will be maintained for the coming time also.
In today’s modern era, wealth has increased in importance. That person is rich, then that person is honoured. There is a lot of praise in the society and in the country. Therefore, by blindfolding, we all have been earning money in any way. And in this process, our culture of honesty can be destroyed even if we are blind and still look forward to earning money by becoming blind. But we and you do not understand that this misconception of earning money is not human nature. It is natural to die for one day or so. Death does not see who worshiped, who has more and more money. Death also does not see who is unlimited and who is poor, who is high and who is lowly, who is a minister or a businessman or priest or pastor or cleric or father. The demise of everyone is mandatory. This is the nature. There is a common justice for all created by God. Regardless of the language or religion, the name of God is said separately. The Chhath festival comes twice every year by revealing respect and respect for nature. Nature’s tubers are used only on this festival. Bamboo made sup and basket are used. Banana leaves are used. Nature has considered all of these sacred. Behind this holiness, the God wants to give the message that human beings also love nature and protect nature.
The Chhath festival started with Women-chief. Men and women make equal role in family and society. Nevertheless, the men’s class became the forerunner of the male-dominated family and society. In it, religious fanatics of the religion are very strong on the basis of religion. Then gradually the tradition of male dominated family and society started on the map of the world. Men society started to be understood as merely material for the weak, gentle and enjoyment of women. The Chhath festival shows the importance of women. There is no place for any priest in this festival. This festival does not have any connection with worship rituals. There is no place for the priest’s prayers. Women singing songs themselves and praying Lord Sun becomes the Chhathi mother form. Four days is full fasting. Do not drink water too. Fasting is a very big undertaking of endearment. This is a festival that reflects the closeness to living on a spiritual life, message of holiness.
The Sun is the heat for the human society which has lived on the entire world’s land mass. There is heat also in this heat of nature and coldness is also there. In women society, these two qualities are contained. On the Chhath festival, the honour of the sun by the women’s society is a direct example of the conservation and promotion of social traditions by entering spiritual life. The Chhath festival is a form of adjustment and understanding of physical science. Where proves that every human being is the universe itself, that same principle of physics also proves that. There is a sun present in every human body. In the Sun honour there is a dimension of life and focus concentration. This procedure is the method of overall treatment. Spiritual saints and scientists have also shown the verbal aspect of the Sun hounour, and also the action side. Today even the scientists and scholars are studying, researching and meditating on the worldly level of sun hounour. The Chhath festival is the most comfortable festival. But it is also hard, because those who practice fasting do their own life for four days. The Chhath festival is also a sign of unity in diversity.
The Chhath is only such holy festival of the world, which is increasing in importance day by day. Today, the Chhath festival is being celebrated with great pomp in London, USA, besides our country, Malaysia and many others country of world. The Chhath festival is important not for religion, but for all of us, those are cutting from the roots. They are getting away from their tradition, civilization, culture and family. This festival is important for those sons/daughters, who come home have this excuse. It is also important for those mothers who see their children months, and for that family which today is divided into pieces. The Chhath is important the new daughter-in-law for who don’t know there is also a house bigger than two rooms. It is most important for those who only seen in books. The chhath is important which is not just for the rising sun, but teaches to bow down to the sunset sun. The Chhath is important like Gagar, Lemon, Suthani to keep fruits alive. It is important for Sup and daura for creators to say that they also have importance in the society. The Chhath festival is important for those proud men who consider women weak. The Chhath festival is also important contributions of Bharatiya and for the honour of the people of whole country and the world. It is most important for cultural heritage and faith to maintain, how. The holy Chhath festival is important in family and society for unity and uniformity.
So let us take an oath – I become luminous like the Sun, become thirsty, become mighty, become strong, become intelligent, receive prosperity and attain morality. At the same time, other humans also get the same. All are happy, all are healthy, everyone’s welfare. This is the message and inspiration given by the great festival. The benefit of the Sun honour involves itself. I myself have benefited and pray for others. This work would have been done by me.
Restrained and Balanced behaviours are equal to the basis of happy life.
Pankaj Sinha, Dimapur

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