Hollotoli School Class X field trip at Campsite Yedikha Jakhama

Dimapur, October 13: Class X students of Hollotoli School Purana Bazaar Dimapur have successfully completed a mandatory field trip as part of their practical programme led by Angule Mero, Tourism Teacher, Hollotoli School at Campsite Yedikha Jakhama from October 9 to 12.
The purpose of this trip is to help develop an understanding of our cultures and environment. Students build their skills and knowledge in basic biological, environment science, outdoor leadership skills, wilderness travel skills, natural history and cultural interpretation, resource and business management, assessment of ecotourism related ventures, and sustainable resources management.
The students were introduced to adventure tourism, sport equipments and participated in the thrilling experience of “Zip-line & River crossing” at Yedikha Jakhama village, under the guidance of Vimhaseo George Richa, Programme Coordinator, Ayieto Yhoshü, Instructor & team from Nagaland Association for Adventure Mountaineering & Education (NAAME). A barbeque preparation and experience was also organised for the students with Richa Mhachoki team led by Chef Kikokhu Richa.
(Page News Service)