Hills bask in Rajini spotlight

Hills bask in Rajini spotlight

June 2017: An agitation by thousands rocking the hills.
June 2018: People ecstatic at the arrival of “Thalaiva” and eager to watch his stunts in the now-serene hills.
Rajinikanth, who arrived in the hills on Wednesday and is staying at a resort in Kurseong now, has started shooting for a Tamil film to be directed by Karthik Subbaraj.
“Things have entirely changed. Last year, there was total shutdown, people were in streets and rallies and demonstrations had become a regular affair. Situation now is completely normal. People are there in the streets but to watch Rajinikanth and his acts. There are bouts of shouts but those are not slogans but cheers for the superstar,” said a Kurseong resident.
The film unit is already at work and has selected a number of locations, including the Eastern Forest Rangers’ College in Kurseong where Rajinikanth was filmed in some scenes on Thursday.
“In total, around 700 people are there in the unit. They are using around 100 vehicles every day and have a number of coordinators, many of whom are locals. The film shoot has also created an opportunity for employment of the hill residents,” said a resident.
Such buzz in the hills over Rajini’s film shoot has also left the state Tourism Department officials delighted.
Even Gautam Deb, the Department’s Minister, is elated and is making plans to meet the superstar and thank him for his visit.
“Rajinikanth’s decision to choose the hills as the location has again proved that normality has been completely restored in hills. It would send a clear message to tourists about peace in the hills. Also, his visit would encourage other filmmakers to choose the hills,” said Deb. (Courtesy: TT)