Sunday, May 9, 2021
Page Mail

Hill View Council grateful

Dear Madam,
The Hill View Council, under Ward -12, would like to express gratitude and appreciation to the Dimapur Municipal Council for awarding the 1st prize Cleanest Colony for the year 2019 (small colony category), Special Thanks to all the NGO group LIFE & PRO-RURAL field staff, DMC garbage transport officer & driver, colony garbage collector-in-charge and waste management women group for the support and educating the system of e-waste management to each household and participation of community members for better and clean Dimapur city.
The Council also encourage every individual household to take responsibility to clean their roadside and educate the surrounding resident to keep proper waste segregation garbage within the building/compound and throw the garbage waste, when DMC truck come to collect every morning to avoid bad smelling health hazard and expose stagnant garbage in the colony roadside.
B. Aier, Chairman, Hill View Council