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H&FW incurs Rs 78.37 Cr for COVID-19 management

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Expenditure on BSL labs higher by 1.07 Cr

KOHIMA, JUNE 5: Nagaland Health and Family Welfare (HFW) Department has spent an amount of Rs 78.37 Crore for overall management of COVID-19 in the State since the outbreak of the pandemic.
The State has incurred a total expenditure of Rs 78,37,41,614 for COVID-19 management and other related activities, including setting up Biosafety Laboratories, Quarantine Centres, vaccinations said HFW Principal Director Dr Neikhrielie Khimiao while giving the details of receipts and expenditure for COVID-19 in 2019-20 and 2020-21 here on Saturday.

He said that during the financial year 2019-20, the Directorate of HFW received a total of Rs 76,50,01,019 and Rs 26,45,44,158 in 2021-22 totaling to Rs 102,95,45,177 from various sources including the Government, North Eastern Council, donations and grants-in-aid.
The total expenditure from contingency fund is Rs 21,12,50,602, he said while giving the break-up as follows: Rs 5,23,07,630 distributed to the districts for COVID-19 management while Rs 23,44,937 spent on Meriema Quarantine Centre, Rs 1,73,600 on ATI Quarantine Centre, Rs 34,16,000 on K Badze Quarantine Centre.
Rs 8,78,78,589 on setting up of BSL-3 Kohima, Rs 3,72,35,164 on BSL-2 at CIHSR Dimapur and Rs 2,96,24,553 on BSL-2 Tuensang.
The total expenditure given today has a higher difference of Rs 1,07,29,871 as during a press conference in the Directorate yesterday, SNO IDSP Dr Nyanthung Kikon had given the amounts as Rs 8,66,44,018 on setting up of BSL-3 Kohima, Rs 3,69,81,164 on BSL-2 at CIHSR, Dimapur, and Rs 2,03,83,253 on BSL-2 Tuensang.
Rs 44,88,84,967 was spent on supply of equipment and medicines, said Dr Khimiao.
Expenditure on IEC & HFW Directorate Operation Cost – Rs 2,50,22,082 from March 13 to August 7, 2020, which interestingly includes Rs 1 lakh spent on earthing at NHAK, as per the detailed expenditure report.
Civil works of MS Dimapur – Rs 70,38,402, he said.
Hotel Bills for Rs 4,26,62,630 of which Rs 35,77,334 was paid to East Gate Hotel (Rs 9,17,386), Hotel Pine (Rs 9,35,810), Hotel Millennium (Rs 4,64,138), 2K (Rs 10,45,000), and Jubilee Memorial Hall, Ao Baptist Church Kohima (Rs 2,15,000) for usage as Quarantine Centre for Health Workers. Payments were made in June and July 2020.

Notably, as provided in the detail expenditure statement of COVID-19 under Directorate of HFW, an amount of Rs 3,90,85,296 was paid to hotels bills only without any details and names of the hotels.
Diet Bills paid to CMOs and MS in the districts from October 23, 2020 to February 8, 2021 – Rs 80,68,876
Purchase of vaccines – Rs 2,94,17,850
Expenditure on MO salaries from May to October 2020 is Rs Rs 84,05,834, said Dr Khimiao.
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