Sunday, February 28, 2021

H&FW Deptt clarifies on purchase of 10 Ambulances


Dimapur, April 19: Reacting to allegations in the social media on the purchase of 10 Ambulances by the state Government are second hand, Principal Director, Health & Family Welfare, Dr Vizolie Z Suokhrie today said that ambulances are no longer readily available in the market.
He said the Government of Nagaland has been on the look out to procure Ambulances in view of the COVID-19 crisis and the 10 Ambulances were procured from Uttar Pradesh.
He also informed the general public that the Ambulances are being transferred from the surplus fleet of 108 Emergency Medical Transport Services, UP (East). Accordingly, the Ambulances were procured which are brand new and not as alleged in the social media.
On the total price of the 10 Ambulances, the Principal Director disclosed that each ambulance was purchased at Rs 18,00,000 ( base price Rs 14,06,250 and GST Rs 39,3750). The total amount paid for 10 Ambulances was Rs 1,80,00,000.
The Registration Number of Ambulances are UP32MN8012, UP32MN8013, UP32MN8014, UP32MN8016, UP32MN8020, UP32MN8022, UPMN8023, UP32MN8025, UP32MN8026 and UP32MN8028.
(Page News Service)