“Herstory” of India


Indians have a very rich history, culture and tradition of communal harmony ~ thousands of years of all religions
and cultures co-existing making the totality of the great Indian civilization substantiates that. Therefore, it is hard, especially for people in the peripheries of the country such as the Northeast, to understand why the increasing dominance of misogyny, racism and communalism on the political and social landscape of the country particularly in the recent couple of decades. What is even more alarming is that we in the Northeast have started internalizing the same misogyny, racism and communalism into the ones already existing in us ~ hence we see increasing incidents of crimes against women, moral policing, communal flare-ups and general despondency in the region. Yes, the alleged rape and the ongoing aftermath at Unnao and the horrific gang-rape and murder of an eight-year-old in the Kathua district of Jammu & Kashmir and so many similar instances, whether reported or not, which make the “herstory” of India, can be perceived through the prism of patriarchy. Therefore, the insouciance the perpetrators and their supporters display is what India needs to be worried about. This insouciance also arises from a strong sense of entitlement, which no religion and no culture embraces and teaches ~ but patriarchy does. So, it is this sense of entitlement that must be seriously scrutinized. This sense of entitlement also emerges from an ideology of abhorrence towards the “other” based on a very superior sense of self and an ideology of power, of domination and destruction based on erroneous beliefs in racial, religious, cultural and gender superiority. These are the very dynamics that gave rise to Nazi Germany. These are the very dynamics that are totally antithetical to democracy and all democratic ideals. One problem in India is that all communities feel a very strong sense of discrimination and disempowerment ~ because everyone still identifies herself with race, religion, culture, community and region ~ never as an Indian. It is easy to blame our erstwhile colonial masters for introducing the communal ideology, politics and culture but that we have not become any wiser in all these decades to this divisive and destructive ideology is bewildering. And because we have not become any wiser to the divisive and destructive communal ideology, politics and culture, the quality of politics in the country is what it is ~ for a very long time. So, yes, we can blame our political class for a fractured India today but this is the same political class we have voted to power over the decades ~ even after none of them have concealed their agenda, their motives. So, nobody can say that we didn’t know. In fact, our political class simply took a leaf out of the people’s book of misogyny, racism and communalism and fine-tuned and wove them into their political lait motifs. We have allowed the smooth passage and entry of politics, politicians and a political class that should never have been allowed anywhere near our political space ~ and unless we evict them soon, they are here to stay ~ and more children, girls, women, Dalits, Adivasis, Tribals and all vulnerable and voiceless sections of society will be molested, raped, mutilated and murdered. This sense of entitlement and this sense of the superior self that empowers the perpetrators of atrocities, brutalities and heinous crimes, and their supporters, to show the middle finger to the law of the land, to the rule of law, to justice, to humanity and to all democratic ideals and norms also emanates from unjustifiably idolizing the politician and the political class that have brought down the country to its knees. Today India stands exposed as the lawless and inhuman land of rapists, goons and criminals, who enjoy the immunity of office and the protection of the very same people who have vowed to protect, to safeguard and to secure the helpless, the vulnerable, the voiceless, the alienated, the marginalized and the de-enfranchised. All religions have been totally defiled and denigrated in India by the very fact of the existence and perpetuation of misogyny, patriarchy, racism and communalism and crimes ~ not least corruption. Misogyny, patriarchy, racism, communalism, corruption and crimes have consigned the great Indian civilization to the garbage dumb. This garbage dumb needs to cleaned and emptied out post haste ~ if we are serious about beti bachao.