Friday, April 19, 2024

Heavy rainfall claims 132 lives in Nepal; over 100 injured

NEW DELHI, JULY 24: At least 132 people lost their lives as a result of heavy rains triggering landslides, and flash floods in Nepal.
Nepal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority said, “132 people dead, 128 injured, 53 missing and 998 families affected due to rainfall, landslides and floods in the country as of July 23”.
Search and rescue operations are being conducted continuously with officials and police personnel who are looking through the debris to find missing people.
Hundreds have been displaced as landslides have swept away their homes. They ended up taking refuge in local schools and community centers, according to ANI report.
Last week, Nepal’s Meteorological Forecasting Division had predicted heavy downpour across the country.
The Division had warned of monsoon winds being near the low-pressure line in the Terai belt, which would consequently cause more rainfall.
In July 2019, heavy rains lashed various parts of Nepal claimed over hundred lives with several reportedly missing and many others injured.
Transportation, electricity and water supply were also disrupted due to floods and landslides in many parts of the country.
The annual monsoon rains, which normally start in June and continue through September, often result in casualties in Nepal.
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