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Health system collapses as Dimapur hospitals run out of oxygen, beds

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DIMAPUR, MAY 16: As COVID-19 cases continue to set new records, hospitals in Dimapur have run out of oxygen and ICU beds resulting in many patients being left to fend for themselves.
The situation in Dimapur, which accounts for over 61% of the State’s COVID positive cases, has reportedly forced the nodal officer for COVID related activities in Dimapur, Y Kikheto Sema (IAS) to knock at the doors of private hospitals here for more hospital beds.

“We need to prepare for the worst,” a DIPR report quoted him as saying.
Reportedly several private hospitals are coming forward but some are reluctant to accommodate more COVID patients due to space constraints and lack of oxygen.
The State Health & Family Welfare Department had earlier proposed that the Government supplement logistic requirements such as Oxygen supply, life saving equipments including ventilators and personal protective gears as per requirement of private hospitals subject to availability with the Department. However, with the State running out of Oxygen, supplementing the private hospitals with logistic requirements is a far cry.
The nodal officer also indicated the acute dearth of Oxygen in Dimapur and the urgent need for Oxygen supply when he appealed to people, who are keeping oxygen in their houses for emergency, to give on loan and to save lives instead of keeping it idle.
According to the DIPR report, Sema expressed urgent need of beds and oxygen in Dimapur District “as all the available facilities in both Government and private hospitals has run out of the same.”
“Noting that it was very difficult for meeting the demands of bed and oxygen requirements despite cooperation from all the Hospitals at Dimapur, Kikheto appealed to people who are keeping oxygen in their houses for emergency, to give on loan and to save lives instead of keeping it idle,” the report said.
On the urgent need of the hour, Team Dimapur, led by Y Kikheto Sema and Dimapur Commissioner Police, Rothihu Tetseo visited Olive Hospital, Dimapur, on Sunday, and met the Director, Ikheto Sema and lauded the hospital management for hosting all non-COVID patients. All the 70 beds in the hospital are reportedly occupied. However, due to the urgent need of beds for COVID patients, Sema requested the Director to start a make-shift camp even in the backyard of the hospital with at least 30 beds to be activated by next week. For this, he directed the district administration to request the Indian Army to set up the make-shift camp at Olive Hospital similar to that at Eden Hospital.
The team also visited Nikos Hospital and during interaction with Dr Vickto Wotsa, president of Private Doctors Association Dimapur, Sema appreciated the contributions rendered by private doctors even during the first wave of the pandemic. Sema informed that Dr Vickto was also getting ready to provide COVID beds despite space constraints and that 15 COVID beds would be activated by Monday.

It may be noted that within 4 days (from May 13) Team Dimapur, with the cooperation of hospitals, has activated about 58 COVID beds which included 28 at Referral in addition to the earlier 76 beds, 10 beds at Zion hospital on Saturday, 10 beds at Faith in addition to the earlier 41 beds and 10 at Eden Hospital. On May 17, it is expected to activate another 45 COVID beds (30 make-shift tent at Eden and 15 at Nikos), the DIPR report said.
Kikheto has also asked the police to prepare 30 COVID beds at Police Referral Hospital Chumukedima by next week. (Page News Service)