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Headquarter of Dimapur is Chumukedima, asserts CYO

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Dimapur, April 9: Taking strong exception to certain organizations’ opposing the shifting of Dimapur District Headquarters to Chumukedima, the Chakhroma Youth Organization (CYO) today asserted that the district headquarter of Dimapur is Chumukedima without any unreasonable doubt and requires no refutation from any angle.

In a press statement issued by CYO president, Seyieneilhou Keyho and general secretary, Nosheho Peter, the CYO stated that major stretch of the district is beyond the parameter of the “small, tiny and congested confinement of Dimapur town”.
It also reminded the people from Tsiepama, Piphema, Zhuikhu, Hekishe, Tsii-iima, Medziphema areas in the south, Riizaphema, Zutovi, Shokhuvi, bade in the west and in the east, Nihokhu areas and the plains of Niuland areas do exist as major part of the district of Dimapur.
“Dimapur district covering such a vast area and huge population spreading all through its length and breadth, how comes only few and certain Dimapur town based Unions or organizations, who fails to see beyond their comfort stake claim or decide the fate of the whole district of Dimapur?” it asked.
The CYO also resented that the matter is being pitched on tribal lines with “some vested organizations” deliberately using erroneous details to confuse and away public opinions. It clarified that new DC complex falls under Chumukedima urban dominated municipality and not as alleged.

The CYO urged the Dimapur Deputy Commissioner to heavily clamp down by way of checking and entirely banning the mushrooming of unrepresented and unmandated organizations in the district.
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