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Hayithung Lotha urges Eastern Nagas to ‘strategically vote’ in LS polls

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DIMAPUR, APRIL 17: Independent Candidate, Hayithung Lotha today urged the Eastern Nagas to take a chance and ‘strategically vote’ in the electing their own Lok Sabha MP from Nagaland, who would extend support to whichever alliance formation reaches the magic figure of 272 in Lok Sabha in forming a constitutionally mandated government at the Centre.
Appealing to Eastern Nagas to reconsider and vote for the “sake of your future”, Lotha said that every Eastern Naga must deeply and intelligently realize that “no vote” means “no FNT”, but “if you vote, you secure FNT”.
He expressed fears that without exercising their constitutional right vote, the next incoming Central Government would brush aside and keep their dream FNT in cold storage/back burner.
“But if you vote and show the power of your votes, it is understood that the next government will seriously take up the FNT issue to its logical conclusion”, he further stated.
He also informed the Eastern Nagas to be aware that in this current Naga political scenario, the ruling Government, NDPP led PDA, is not sympathetic/positive at all towards the FNT. He said the same negative attitude goes with the Congress party.
“It is impossible for NDPP and Congress to streamline in achieving the FNT, after closely analysing both the NDPP and Congress party perspectives on FNT. The NDPP and Congress are not serious at all in granting the much desired ‘Frontier Nagaland Territory’ to Eastern Nagas even in a century”, he alleged and said “The one and only Lok Sabha candidate in the ensuing 18th Parliamentary Election in Nagaland and who has boldly advocated for granting FNT, publicly supporting it is me. I have already declared the FNT agenda to be my Topmost Priority & Manifesto No.1.”
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