Have positive attitude to bring positive change in society: Rio

Have positive attitude to bring  positive change in society: Rio

Piphema, March 23: Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio today emphasized on the need to have positive attitude and mindset in order to bring about positive change in the society.
“We promised to bring ‘Change’ but the change has to start from the attitude and mindset of the people towards positivity,” Rio said while addressing the inaugural session of 28th biennial general conference of Angami Students’ Union (ASU) here held under the theme “Aspiring Dynamics”.
Toughing on the government’s slogan “Change”, Rio said though the government has changed but most of the people are same and therefore there is lot of negativity among the general people. He therefore said that unless the people change their attitude and participate to bring about a change for the better, the slogan of the government to bring change will not only be difficult to achieve but would remain a distant dream.
Rio asserted that “real change will happen when we all come together in unison with the singular purpose of changing our society, for the better”.
Referring to last year’s tagging of Kohima city as the second most unlivable city in the country, he called upon the people to come forward and identify proper mechanism to save Kohima.
He opined that “Save Kohima” movement is the need of the hour to make Kohima a better place to live in.
In this, Rio urged upon the youngsters to make Save Kohima movement a mass social reformative movement to bring about the required change.
Nonetheless, lamenting that the attitude of landowners has been creating hindrance in developmental works, especially in the road sector, Rio cited that the tender for construction Kohima City road has been cancelled because of landowner problem.
Further, Rio urged the students to develop the spirit of competition and called upon them to know their strength and give their best to excel in the various fields.
He also told the students not to be satisfied by achieving degree alone but to pursue for specialization in the certain discipline so as to survive in the competitive world.
Delivering the solidarity message, Naga Students’ Federation president Kesosul Christopher Ltu expressed dismay that what the people convey in the social media were more of frustration, assumption and negativity.
“If we really want to contribute to our society, let us all be constructive critic because as of now we see that there are more of destructive critic instead of trying to contribute to the society,” he said.
Touching on unemployment problem in Nagaland, he challenged the students to change their mindset that “white collar jobs are only the source of employment.”
“If we do not venture out and become employability, instead of being asset to the society we will become liability to the society,” he said.
Meanwhile, Ltu also clarified the charges of NSF involving in Naga political issue. He said that Naga political issue is not only to do with the Naga national groups or the political leaders but it will determine the future of the younger Nagas. Therefore, Ltu said “we need to have a say in it”.
Delivering the presidential address, ASU president Visako Rino while pointing that the government of the day has boldly taken the enormous challenge of bringing change in the society, said that “as students let us no longer delve in negativism and challenge ourselves to be positive.”
“The conundrum of society that we face today is multifaceted and trusted upon us, but it is time for us as students to own our responsibility and come out of the decadence,” Rino said.
Let us hold the reins of our destiny, mould and shape it and be sources of truth and enlightenment, he added.
Angami Public Organization (APO) president Dr. Kepelhousie Terhuja and Local Organising Committee convener Seyielhouto Keyho extended greetings on the occasion.
Chaired by ASU tribunal general Rokoketou Sechü, the programme commenced with Pastor of Baptist Church Piphema ‘A’, Pezhangulie Keyho saying the invocation. SASU made cultural presentation while special number was presented by Vimeneno Chaücha.

Meanwhile, on the second day of the ASU conference the four ranges Northern Angami Students’ Union (NASU), Southern Angami Students’ Union (SASU), Western Angami Students’ Union (WASU) and Chakhroma Students’ Union (CSU) participated in various competitions sporting and literary competitions.
The results are as follows:
1st – Keneiselie Khawakhrie (WASU), 2nd – Mezevil Kiso (SASU), 3rd – Vizakietuo Suobu (NASU) and 4th – Vizolie Nakhro (WASU)
1st – CSU and 2nd – NASU
Extempore Speech – 1st – Keneivi (CSU), 2nd – Vimayienu (CSU) and 3rd – Metsivito (SASU)
Debate – 1st – Neizokhrieno Metha (NASU), Zavituo Ltu (SASU) and 3rd – Pfükhrieneino (WASU)
Later in the evening, academic session was held followed by ASUvaganza Nite.