Thursday, April 15, 2021
Page Mail

Hats off to Maneka Gandhi

Dear Madam,
Hats off to Maneka Gandhi and thereby BJP for such an “honest” statement! At least no hypocrisy of “Nation First” or “Bharat Mata”!
And also thanks to her for crystal clear acknowledgement that they are not “sons of Mahatma Gandhi”!
Indeed the Apostle of Peace could neither have participated in barbaric Babri Masjid demolition nor maintained silence following the dastardly Gujarat pogrom. Also Mahatma would never have threatened or spoken nasty things about any religious group or render violent war cries against any “enemy” nation!
However there lies no element of surprise in such threatening remarks against a community, given the highly divisive intolerant history of the outfit believing in the parochial imperialist dirty policy of “Hindi-Hindu-Hindustan”!
What a classic example of that much shouted “Nation First”! Perhaps Muslims are not part of the nation or the nation is of Hindus only — specially Upper caste Hindi-speaking Hindus!
What a scandalous force in this multi-lingual multi-religious secular land of diversity!
And of course “give and take”! Uttered by whom? An Union minister and Parliamentarian who has taken solemn oath in the name of the Constitution to serve the nation and constituency without any favouritism bias and prejudice! Indeed no condemnation is enough for Maneka Gandhi for publicly expressing her intention of dividing the electorate on party as well as communal lines! Who would enlighten her(and also the Who’s Who of the party of her) that be she an ordinary MP or a minister; she is Constitutionally bound to represent and serve all irrespective of the political affiliation or religion of the concerned electorate!
Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata-114.