Has PDA Govt sanctioned any funds to fight COVID-19, asks Therie

Has PDA Govt sanctioned any funds to fight COVID-19, asks Therie
NPCC President, K Therie

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Dimapur, March 26: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has questioned the preparedness of the State Government to fight the COVID-19 pandemic as the Government has not made any announcement of sanctions accorded to tackle the pandemic.
In a statement, NPCC president K Therie said the Government has issued multiple directives to its subjects for obedience, including lockdown of the State.
“However, just orders and lathi charges are not enough. I wonder whether the Govt is sincerely preparing to fight the pandemic because no sanctions have been made known to the public,” he said.
The NPCC pointed out that the Prime Minister has announced Rs. 15,000 crores to strengthen the healthcare infrastructure while Chief Minister of Kerala has announced a Rs. 20,000 crore revival package out of which Rs 500 crores will be provided to the Health Department to fight back the pandemic.
“We have not heard of any similar measures by the State Government. It appears, four months salaries of NHM doctors are still pending. We also do not know the status of safety and protective equipment for doctors and healthcare workers, security forces, and personnel of other essential services. I am happy that the Government is providing free testing, treatment, quarantine and other medical services pertaining to COVID-19,” he said.
Stating that for shortage of money, we should not allow the pandemic to multiply, he insisted that this is a national emergency and it is every ones duty to come forward. Helping others is also helping self in fighting back the pandemic, he said.
To clear the doubts of the public, Therie wanted that the budget estimate and sanction accorded for the purpose should be made known. He reminded that the Government is a welfare Government for the people, and the tax people pay everyday on every item should now be used for the welfare of people.
Therie also asked if the State is ready with testing laboratories in all the districts. “We are surrounded by national and international boundaries (on the eastern front), no district is safe. Just stopping all arrivals via conventional routes is not the answer.”
The NPCC also stated that it is also not right to ban our children (students and employees) from coming home. “We only have to be prepared to welcome them in whatever condition and should also ensure that such individuals follow the prescribed norms including self declaration and self isolation.”
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