Sunday, February 28, 2021

Half truths

We constantly observe certain characters in the society who pose as truthful beings and thus brag about their honesty and character. However on observing finely the realization that dawn is of a much colossal impact that engulfs each one of us one way or the other. The art of telling half truths is dangerous craft which people indulge in depending upon the situations, whether to save one or trap the counterparts. The art has unconsciously as well as wilfully seeped into our life that we hardly seem to notice. The point is a half truth is more dangerous than a plain lie. The effect that a half truth has is more injurious or deceiving than a lie itself. The intention of the deliverer of the half truth is not honest in any manner. Whatever be the circumstance, a half truth gives satisfaction to one that one has not lied to anyone. But at the same time one knows that the message passed on is not complete and has been delivered with the intention of one’s own benefit or the harm of someone else. In fact, a half truth is one strong prop that most of the unscrupulous lean on to. Be that a preacher, a politician, a leader of the masses or anyone who has to face the public, a half truth is a favourite tool instead of a white lie. The simple reason why half truth is preferred over a plain lie is that education has spread some sort of awareness among the masses and only the gullible would swallow lies, whereas half truths confuse and lead astray even the educated and enlightened masses. Half truths project only a certain aspect and keep the remaining part in dark, thereby creating confusion and chaos. It thus zeroes in to the fact that half truths are the handiworks of the cunning if they are passed on intentionally with intended end results. Experimenting with lies gives a lesser margin of credibility to the speaker whilst half lies protect a person against any objections later on with ample grounds for explanation and retreat. And half truths are more enticing than lies themselves, making them favourites among the habitual liars. And one need not be a highly creative personality for speaking a half truth. Clearly half truths and lies told to misguide people is a crime and cannot be done away with. The unfortunate reality is that most of the leaders, be they political, social and even some religious ones, resort to such gimmicks to lead people astray and try to shape or dent thinking of masses in one way or the other. And it is a fact that we have been facing such a scenario for long. Since long, truths are camouflaged and lies and half truths roam around freely making a fool of all of us. A stark reality that a common man perceives is that falsehood gains weight while truth withers away. It is indeed the lows of morality that such a scenario prevails and falsehood is the order of the day. In all dealings, be they social, political, financial, educational, falsehood has made its forays into and truth is getting choked all the more. The most unfortunate aspect is that the progeny is given the lessons of falsehood and deception by the very parents and mentors themselves. It is being preached as the means of survival, unfortunately against truth itself. Where will such a scenario lead to is no concern for anybody because all one cares for is the beautiful returns that speaking lies or half truths brings along. A handful of truths find it hard to face the onslaughts of raging falsehood that has engulfed every aspect of our lives. Clearly morality is at its historical low with least chances of revival.