Friday, May 24, 2024

“Had no choice, but to respond”: Iran tells UN on Israel attack

UNITED NATIONS, APRIL 15: Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Amir Saeid Iravani, addressed the Security Council on Sunday, asserting that Iran exercised its “inherent right to self-defence” in its unprecedented assault on Israel.
Iravani criticised the Security Council for failing to uphold international peace and security following Israel’s apparent strike on an Iranian Consulate in Damascus earlier in the month.
Iravani stated that Tehran felt compelled to retaliate, emphasising that Iran does not seek escalation or war but will react to any perceived threat or aggression. Both Iran and Israel accused each other of being the primary threat to peace in the Middle East during their respective addresses at the UN, urging the Security Council to impose sanctions on their adversaries.
In a significant escalation, Iran launched a direct attack on Israel late Saturday, deploying over 300 missiles and drones, most of which were intercepted by Israel, the United States, Jordan and Britain.
Iran justified its attack as a response to the deadly strike on Tehran’s Consulate building in Damascus on April 1, which Iran widely blamed on Israel. This strike resulted in the deaths of 7 Iranian Revolutionary Guards, including 2 senior Generals.