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“Habitual defectors make habitual liars”: Congress’ swipe at Imkong Imchen

Congress PC 17

DIMAPUR, APRIL 17: The Congress today took a swipe at the statement made by Advisor, Imkong L Imchen and said that the BJP leader does not have the credibility to make such statement considering the number of parties he has defected.
Addressing media persons today, AICC Secretary, Ranajit Mukherjee said, “Habitual defectors make habitual liars,” while referring to Imkong Imchen and added that Imchen was in Congress, NPF, NDPP and now in BJP which proves, in fact that the candidate is a proxy BJP candidate and not NDPP candidate making such a desperate statement towards the fag end of the election campaign.
Mukerjee said, “The BJP loves rewriting history, it loves to change history, it loves to obfuscate history it loves to turn around history to confuse voters”,” adding the reason the BJP is doing in Nagaland is because it is losing ground in front of the voters.
He said the BJP wants to confuse and change the minds of the voters who want to vote for the Congress party today.
The AICC secretary further stated that the BJP wants to divert the people from what is happening today against the Christians across the country by the BJP and RSS and affirmed that the Congress would not allow them (BJP &RSS) to divert this attention.
“We would rather invite Imkong Imchen to talk about what is happening in Manipur since he is a BJP leader to ask him as to why has the Prime Minister not visited Manipur yet”, he further said.
Former MLA & MP and Congress leader, C Apok Jamir said that the statement of Imkong L Imchen is unbecoming because has been the DCC president for Mokokchung for very long time and during his tenure as the president of the Congress, he has never raised these issues.
He, however, said, “It is very understandable and normal when one joins a new party, he becomes very enthusiastic and there is a compulsion of trying to make a statement to please the political party in which he is taking shelter. That is very natural.”
Expressing concerns over what is happening today in the country, Jamir said it needs the involvement of every right thinking citizen to make a very conscious decision to safeguard the interest of the people, to safeguard the constitution, the democratic values of the constitution, especially the secular values of the constitution.
Stating that it was during Congress time that the political agreement came about between the Naga People’s Convention and the Government of India and the people got statehood, Jamir said, “What we are enjoying today, what Imkong L Imchen is enjoying as an MLA while in NDPP or NPF initially, is due to the political agreement that has come about and statehood that we have achieved.”
“I think what we have been relegating every blame on the past that is not justifiable at all. What we are confronting today is the reality that all of us are facing”, he further said.
The Congress leader said that he has heard about the series of meeting held by the BJP and NDPP with the MLAs of their concerning constituencies, wherein they have also discussed of having free and fair election. However, he said they have also discussed about those voters who do not come to the polling booth, the council members are going to take over and cast the vote.
“I think that is definitely against the very tenet of democracy and the electoral process. That is something which the Election Commission should take a very serious note of it”, he said.
He appealed for a free and fair election where people exercise their conscious vote and hoped that the right thinking Nagas are going to vote for a change and for safeguard of the constitution and for the safeguard of the interest of Naga people.
All India Congress Committee in-charge of Tripura, Sikkim, Manipur, and Nagaland, Girish Chodankar said that the BJP was trying to confuse the voters of Nagaland just on the eve of the elections.
He said on behalf of the people of Nagaland, the Congress has already given in writing to the CEO two days back and they have assured that in 50% of the booths webcasting would be done and wherever webcasting is not done, there would be physical recording .
He appealed to all the concerned and vigilant citizens, various civil society groups, NGOs various church authorities to be vigilant to safeguard the democracy and the constitution.
He appealed to everyone to come out and exercise their voting rights so that these elements who want to do the proxy voting would not be successful.
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