Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Guv’s read on law & order cannot be simply dismissed as not factual: NPF


Dimapur, July 4: The NPF Legislature Party has slammed the “unsavoury response” of the State Government to the Governor’s June 16 letter, terming it as “nothing but an assorted collection of distorted facts and figures to deceive the Governor and the Naga people at large.”
In a communiqué, the NPFLP insisted that the written observation of the Governor who had disclosed the precarious law and order situation prevailing in the State during the past almost 1 year cannot be merely dubbed as a study that “does not appear to be factual.”
The NPFLP agreed with the Governor that there is steady down-slide in all parameters of development in Nagaland under the present day Government “due to siphoning off huge amount of Government funds” meant for road connectivity, healthcare, education infrastructures etc. and diverting them to various non-functional projects.
It claimed that the economic condition of the State is in a pathetic condition which is almost beyond recovery unless drastic measures are taken such as the present intervention by the Governor. “While the economy of the State continues to be in doldrums, the financial position of the State is kept hushed up for reasons best known to those at the helm of power. Except for distorted facts and figures as already stated, the Government has refused to disclose the actual financial position of the State making its much-hyped catchphrase of maintaining transparency and accountability a castle in Spain.”
The party pointed out that the ongoing construction of Dimapur-Kohima four-lane road including various other road projects under MoRTH is yet to be completed till today. It said the Special Investigation Team (SIT) formed on the direction of the Governor to prevent unlawful activities and to book miscreants obstructing the construction work of Dimapur-Kohima four-lane road following a review meeting held on January 11, 2020 is yet to come up with any tangible result till date.
Stating that the response of the State Government to the Governor that the law and order continues to be “normal and peaceful” holds no water, the NPF reminded that the common man in the market is better versed with the reality than the State Government “for the reason that many anti-social elements, on a daily basis, continue to threaten business establishment especially in Dimapur, the commercial hub of the State.”
“Many such incidents go unreported due to the lack of trust in Government machineries. Such elements have taken maximum advantage and at times maligned the image of the Naga national movement,” it said.
According to the NPFLP, the best example of the laid-back attitude of the State Government is the way it is dealing with the Public Action Committee (PAC) ultimatum to the State Government to initiate an anti-crime act similar to the Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act (MCOCA) or the Goonda Act by July 31 to control organized crime, which, it said, has become rampant in Nagaland.
Alleging that the present day Government has failed on political and economic fronts alike, the party claimed that several problems in the State have emerged because the instruments of law and order remain totally unresponsive as was disclosed by the Governor in his letter.
Stating that healthcare and education have hit rock bottom while the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has made the matter worse, the NPFLP said grievances of the general public and of those in various quarantine centres continue to surface every now and then, many of which, it alleged, go unattended. “Tuensang and Peren fiascos are best examples which portray the incompetency and negligence of the Government in handling the pandemic which today, may possibly be at the verge of community transmission,” it said.
While the State is in a mess, the NPFLP alleged that nepotism has become the hallmark of the Government – the most recent example being the State Cabinet decision to regularize the post of 27 GDMOs who were appointed on contractual basis on May 27, 2020 for a period of 12 months. “The decision was taken on the excuse that there was shortage of manpower to contain the COVID-19 pandemic which however had to be revoked when pressure started mounting on the Government.”
Adding to the over-all burden of the general public, it said the COVID cess levied on diesel and petrol at Rs 5 and Rs 6 respectively has led to sharp price rise of various commodities in the State today.
Assessing the present state of affairs, the NPFLP said, “One cannot help but come to the conclusion that the raison d’être of the present day Government is not for the welfare of its citizens as it ought to be. In any case, the autocratic functioning of the State Government since the past more than 2 years speaks for itself.” (Page News Service)