Friday, December 4, 2020
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Guv calls people to rededicate to the cause of fighting corruption

Nagaland Governor P B Acharya (File Photo)

Dimapur, October 28: Governor of Nagaland P B Acharya today called upon people to come together and reaffirm their commitment to promote vigilance concepts and to rededicate to the cause of fighting corruption.
In his message on the occasion of Vigilance Awareness Week, the Governor said corruption cannot significantly come down unless all stakeholders support and participate to eradicate corruption.
“Increased transparency, fairness, equity, competitiveness and leveraging of technology in all areas of functioning of the Government should be promoted,” he stated adding, People should be made aware of their rights and responsibilities- to ensure that the sanctity of the “Rule of Law” as mandated by our constitution for Justice, Liberty and Equality of all its citizens is preserved.
The Vigilance Awareness Week is being observed by the State Vigilance Commission Nagaland from October 29 to November 3 on the theme, “Eradicate Corruption-Build a New India”.
The Governor said corruption is the loss of purity or integrity-a decay in anything that causes a deviation from the ideal.
In governance, corruption comes under many different guises like bribery, extortion, blackmail, fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation of public goods, nepotism and cronyism, he added.
“Corruption has progressively increased and is now rampant in our society. It has become a way of life. Society itself has accepted and embraced corruption. No one questions the many that live beyond their means of income,” he stated.
Stating that corruption has adversely affected the economy and has stunted the country’s development, the Governor said corruption is depriving us of our constitutional and human rights.
“It is threatening the economic development, ethical values and justice; it is destabilising our society- creating a social divide of “Have and Have Not’s”. It is a challenge to the institutions and values of our democracy,” he stated.
The Governor called upon the State Vigilance Commission Nagaland to to promote transparency and accountability and maintain integrity in public life.
The investigation into corruption cases must be brought to its rational conclusion whereby public resources are recovered from the corrupt officials as well as act as deterrence to others, he added
On the occasion, he extended greeting and good wishes for a successful “Vigilance Awareness Week”.”
Govt to bring out zero tolerance policy towards corruption: Rio
On the occasion of Vigilance Awareness Week, Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio called upon all citizens to join and actively participate in the movement to eradicate corruption and build a New India.
In his message, Rio stated that corruption is a manifestation of greed of an individual for power, position and wealth.
“While enabling provisions, community actions, and adequate legislations can all play an important role in eradicating corruption, the real big change would happen only when individuals are able to manage their greed,” he said adding, “In spite of the fact that punishment and penal actions delivered quickly, a lot more will be achieved by inspiring the young generation to lead a successful life based on a combination of righteousness and honesty.”
The Chief Minister said his government is committed to making all out efforts to implement transparency and good governance initiatives in the fight against corruption and taking steps to eradicate corruption and measures to solve the issues faced by the people.
In this regard, he said the PDA Government would endeavor to bring out a comprehensive zero tolerance policy towards corruption.
Stating that the Government alone cannot make a corruption free state, he said change will be powered by every citizen.
He further said anti-corruption efforts cannot be successful without the active participation of all the stakeholders, especially the public at large and said the public should be made aware of the need for their involvement in such efforts.
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