Guv advocates water harvesting in Nagaland

Guv advocates water harvesting in Nagaland
Nagaland Governor P B Acharya (File Photo)

Dimapur, April 13: Governor of Nagaland PB Acharya has advocated for water harvesting in the Nagaland and has announced 50% subsidy for a 1000 litre water tank (sintex) within Kohima town to the first twenty applicants so as to encourage citizens to take up water harvesting.
The Governor stated that the water tanks would be procured by Raj Bhavan and once all arrangements are made, by the applicants, in their home or office to set up the water tank, the subsided water tank will be released.
Governor Acharya stated that rainwater was the need of the hour. Making the switch to an eco friendly rainwater harvesting system is neither complicated nor time consuming and will result in a wide range of benefits for ones home or business, he added.
The Governor discussed the issue with the Chief Minister of Nagaland on April 12 at Raj Bhavan, Kohima. He stated that under his initiative, Raj Bhavan is on the verge of completing a 1.5 lakhs litres waterharvesting reservoir.
The Governor also mentioned that water tanks have been put in various locations of the Raj Bhavan compound to harvest rainwater.
Governor Acharya opined that since most parts of the State see rainfall for six months or more, rainwater harvesting would be beneficial for the people. He encouraged citizens to set up water tanks and harvest the rainwater to address the water scarcity problem in the State.
Application for the subsidy can be submitted to the Governor’s Secretariat, Raj Bhavan Kohima. One can contact (0370) 2245789 during office hours for further details.
During the meeting with the Chief Minister, Governor Acharya also highlighted his meeting with representatives of Gayatri Project Limited and to make sure that the 4 lane work of Kohima – Dimapur highway is completed on time.
The Governor stated that the public should not be made to suffer because of delayed work. He also requested for a copy of the weekly progress report on the work progress to be submitted to his Office.
He also urged the Chief Minister to ensure that basic amenities for the labours working at the site. (Page News Service)