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Guns & corruption holding Nagaland to ransom: Governor

R N Ravi

Assures to build ‘New Nagaland of our dreams’

Dimapur, January 25: Nagaland Governor RN Ravi on Saturday lamented that the political economy of guns and corruption is holding the present as well as future of Nagaland to ransom, and avowed to break and eliminate the unholy alliance of the two to build a New Nagaland.
“The political economy of guns and corruption is holding the present as well as future of our people to ransom. It is a vice-like grip, a heinous crime against our people. It is unacceptable. The unholy alliance of the two has to be broken; it shall be broken and the two shall be eliminated. It is essential for building the New Nagaland,” he said in his message to the people of Nagaland on the eve of 71st Republic Day 2020.
He said guns and corruption have taken unacceptable toll on the people as when the rest of the country; even neighbours in the North East, are marching ahead to greater prosperity, people in Nagaland are craving for basic needs like motorable roads, functioning basic health centres, schools with qualified teachers, etc.
Stating that some people, using guns, have tried to undermine the historical reality of the Nagaland State and its unique Constitutional status, the Governor reminded such people that violence has never succeeded and shall never succeed.
“Power through the barrel of gun is a proven failed ideology. In a democratic India the people are supreme. We resolve our differences through peaceful dialogue, not under the shadow of guns. I remind those with guns that any attempt to subdue the people with fear is doomed to fail and bound to recoil. I urge them to read the bold writings on the wall – and reformat themselves in tune with the reality before it is too late.”
“When a mother in the throes of labour pain has to travel over 100 kms on a road-less road to access the basic medical assistance and the mother and baby die on road, the tragedy hits us with shock and shame. When for want of useful education and employment opportunities a young man turns to drugs, it jolts our conscience and robs our sleep,” he said.
Stating that the New Nagaland has to be capable of successfully meeting the challenges of modern world, Ravi reminded that while Nagas are legendary warriors, the modern world respects knowledge and technology warriors more than physical warriors. “I imagine the New Nagaland to host Technology Hornbill showcasing our innovations and entrepreneurship in Science & Technology along with our Cultural Hornbill. We have the right kind of human resource to be a hub of Science and Technology, which can compete with IT hubs of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon and Noida.”
Informing about the recently launched Governor’s Young Fellowship Programme to create a Research Cell in the Governor’s office, where the best young minds of the country would do deep-dive researches on economic and development problems facing the State and help the Government in formulating informed policies, he said over 1000 bright young scholars from across the country – Chennai to Chandigarh, Kashmir to Kohima – responded to the offer. To select only a few best from among them, Ravi said he constituted a selection committee comprising world renowned experts, who selected the top five – out of which 4 are from Nagaland. “Of the top four, three are our daughters! It validates our assertion that our daughters are the brightest and our human resource is second to none. The need is to harness them constructively,” he said.
Stating that the Government of Nagaland is committed to building a new Nagaland of our dreams, a Nagaland which will be in the front-rank of the states of the Indian Union, Ravi said building a network of good roads is among the Government’s top priorities. “We should remember that a road network is like the circulatory system in our body. A good circulatory system is essential for a healthy body. Similarly, a network of good roads in the State is essential for its healthy growth,” he said.
The Government’s priorities also include creating good health infrastructures, education infrastructures, livelihood projects, IT networks and creating a conducive eco-system for innovation and entrepreneurship, he said.
Stating that transparency, accountability and fair play are the tripod of good governance, Ravi said the State Government is seriously working on setting up a statutory body for selection of non-Gazetted staff.
The Staff Selection Commission for non-Gazetted staff will do away with the current system of ad-hoc appointments and will ensure fair play and justice in Government recruitment system, he said.
Stating that to strengthen people’s trust in the rule of law, it is important that those who are on the wrong side of law do not get away without facing the consequences and justice is meted out to them, the Governor said besides police and prosecution, the role of judiciary especially the lower judiciary is crucial in this regard.
People of the country, including our State, look upon our Courts for justice with enormous trust. I am confident that our judiciary will continue to enjoy the unwavering trust and confidence of our people, he said.
On environment, the Governor said our villages have been traditionally environment conscious and symbiotic relation with environment and respect for nature is inherent in our traditional ways of life. However, he lamented that of late a need is felt to reinforce this consciousness.
He informed that the Government has constituted Governor’s Award for excellence in environment protection and preservation to be awarded from this Republic Day. It should encourage healthy competition and enhanced awareness for environment protection, he said.
Drug addiction
Observing that drug addiction among Naga youths are emerging as an area of serious concern and destroying our precious human resource, the Governor said drug addiction kills the will of an individual to be a productive and responsible member of family and society. “It turns our most precious asset into the most dangerous liability,” he said while informing that to create awareness and encourage the good Samaritans helping the society against this evil, the Government has constituted Governor’s Award for excellence in mitigating and eradicating social ills, which will also be give from this Republic Day.
In the mission to build the New Nagaland, the Governor called upon parents, teachers, doctors, engineers, tribal leaders, grass root organizations, Church and youths to lend heads and shoulders for this sacred mission, which he said, is bound to succeed.
On the occasion, the Governor remembered the founding fathers whose sacrifices, whose blood and sweat gave us our Republic, and also remembered with utmost regard members of the armed forces and the police for defending the integrity of the country and ensuring security of the people. He also reaffirmed unwavering commitment to the fundamental values of the Constitution – democracy, liberty, equality, fraternity, secularism and justice for all.
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