Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Gul Panag advocates unity for women’s empowerment

Gul Panag

At a recent event in Dehra dun, actor Gul Panag shared her thoughts on women empowerment, emphasizing the importance of women supporting each other. She highlighted the significance of unity among women in achieving empowerment, stating that when women come together, they inspire and uplift one another.
Attending the FICCI event on Saturday, Gul Panag expressed gratitude for being given the opportunity to speak on a topic close to her heart. She addressed the universal challenges faced by women and stressed the need to openly discuss and address these issues.
During her speech, Gul Panag discussed the societal pressure on women to prioritize others over themselves, often neglecting their own well-being. Drawing an analogy to the safety instructions given on airplanes, she emphasized the importance of prioritizing one’s health, as it forms the foundation for fulfilling various roles and responsibilities.
Gul Panag, known for her versatility, has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry and beyond. Her journey began with winning the Miss India title in 1999, followed by representing India at Miss Universe. She ventured into Bollywood with films like ‘Dhoop’, ‘Dor’, and ‘Turning 30’, showcasing her talent and versatility.
In addition to her film career, Gul Panag has made a mark in the digital space with acclaimed web series such as ‘The Family Man’ and ‘Paatal Lok’. Her ability to excel in diverse roles reflects her dedication and passion for her craft.
As Gul Panag continues to inspire through her work and advocacy, her message of unity and empowerment resonates with women across various walks of life. By prioritizing their health and supporting one another, women can overcome challenges and achieve their aspirations.
(Courtesy: TS)