GS Road needs complete repair


Dear Madam,
It is ironical to note that if one crosses through the GS road of Dimapur one has to either drive fast or get entrapped in the muddy water stretch. If one is in the car he or she can swiftly drive without getting their clothes drained with the mud waters where as two wheelers often gets struck and have to pull down their legs drenched in the mud water for restarting their bikes. Passersby receive their share of the splash of mud on their body now and then. It is indeed a nuisance and deserves to be taken up by the district administration. This part of GS road has been left unattended and there are large pot holes throughout the stretch.
I believe all this repairing works doesn’t needs crores of money. The district administration should either take up or request the residents of GS road to build up this stretch of road on community basis.
We hear Dimapur is a beautiful town but on a closer look, one can say that it is one of the most dirtiest and unattended town and administration and the department hardly bothers.
In the land of the khushi khushi, the Khushi Khushi way prevails and there is no way to contain such nuisance. The civil societies should pay attention to such ugly scenarios.
Ashutosh, Dimapur