Saturday, April 17, 2021

Green loot

We feel proud of the advances in the field of agriculture, medicine, biotechnology, energy and industry. However, these advances have created problems of pollution, over population, development of new diseases, imbalance of natural resources, global warming and destruction of wildlife. In the past, our state was rich in nature and environment. Our people have progressed and thrived here due to these natural blessings. But it is an unpleasant fact that the more civilized our people become, the more we have infested our environment and nature. We have plundered and devastated the beauty of our land to such an extent that we have now become deeply concerned about our own survival. The pollution we have inflicted is not only confined to environment and nature in terms of surroundings, rivers waters, trees, animals but is also spread socially, politically and morally. The pollution to our environment as a result of our own atrocities has become a serious problem and a grave threat to the state. We have changed our farms into shopping complexes. We have changed rice fields into residential colonies without thinking about the impact which it would have upon our land. Today the suffocating dust and smoke of our towns, horrifying sight of naked hills denuded of greenery all point to the fast deteriorating environment around us. While there is undoubted increase in the comforts and luxuries in the privacies of well maintained homes, one has to go farther and farther from human habitations to breathe in unspoiled atmosphere. Environmentalists have cautioned authorities encroaching upon virgin forests and secluded hills on the pretext of development. They do get a sympathetic hearing in academic and even some governmental fora, but the pressure of development process is not able to dissuade the authorities from going ahead with the exploitation of hither to protected biomass in hills and forests. Today the loss of forests, fertility of soil, productivity and energy crisis have created many problems. The elements of greed and negligence have created macro problems for us. The pollution of our water bodies is a huge problem. The toxins in our water bodies have dealt a huge blow to our health. The haphazard building up of concrete structures has stolen from us the natural spacing that was so essential to a joyous and healthy life. Our town and city planners never pay heed to it. The levels of pollution in the atmosphere have created serious problems. The plumes of smoke that go into the atmosphere every second have made the air that we breathe so toxic. Sure our leaders do sometimes talks about all these matters in a very concerned manner, but not enough is done on ground. It is a fact that earlier our state was a cool place where cool breezes would blow but nowadays we are in need of air purifiers and disinfectants to give us respite from the atmospheric pollution. During winter we have coldness in the atmosphere but the fragrance and freshness which it had before some decades back has been lost. This change in atmosphere is the result of the devastation of our forests which was the green gold of our land. For constructions, we smuggle and loot this green wealth and sell it to earn money. We have made these green forests naked and the day is not far away when we will lose the natural beauty of our land. We have hastened our own destruction and perdition and it is sad that we are destroying our ecological balance for development. Life on this planet is possible only as long as the conditions necessary for it are available. And the quality of life is contingent on the quality of the ingredients that are needed for the life on this planet. Unfortunately we have done everything to deteriorate the quality of life on this planet. But all is not lost yet, much can be saved and we can rescue our paradise in case we restrict our materialistic interests and pursuits. We have to abandon our selfishness, interests and save our land because we are the sentinels of it.