Monday, March 8, 2021
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• Dimapur Christian Fellowship from IMC to Padampukri Go-Karting building as we all know, was worshipping in rented buildings for more than 15 years . We spent 45,000 every month only on our house rent. We felt the need of having our own land and building, but in human’s minds it was a next to impossible project.
• In 2016, the Pastoral Team had our first meeting for the land project. We prayed and all agreed, and by faith we started to look out for a plot of land, with hardly any money in our hands.
• After many searches and negotiations, to make the story short, in July 2017, DCF has it’s own God-given land. Through the many generous contributions from Church members and well wishers, some of them are here today, we could purchase this land for Rs.45,00000.
• We are very grateful to our late Mr. Bendang Longkumer and his family for their willingness to sell their land at a very minimal amount. We are grateful to Ms Monalisa Changkija for being always there to help us in all our negations and challenges that were there.
• I must mention, that Seno Haralu, uncle Seno, has been a key instrument of God in helping us purchase this land and we are grateful to Him and thank the Lord for him. Many testimonies to tell.
• Then the clearing of the land started. The cutting down of trees and the leveling of the ground. It took us several moths
WE had our 2018 Church Holy Communion and New year’s picnic in our very own land.
As the ground works continued to go on, bit by bit, day after day, week after week, and months go by God continues to provide our daily needs of raw materials, labors, ideas and wisdom, help from many unexpected sources, to the smallest details of tea and snacks for the workers each day. Our God has been faithful!
We had no money left by then. God gave us a strategy to raise funds among us, within the church members. So that many will look back and say they have been obedient to God and took a step of faith in this journey of building His church.
WE came up with Loan without interest, and shared with our church members if they would be willing to give a loan towards the building whatever amount they could and that would be paid back to them in due time. Many have responded with joyful giving, and a love for God and His Church. They believed and they gave. By the way, we are already starting to pay back some of these loans to some of them especially the singles.
So with the help of these loans we were able to continue our project and the foundation pillars were laid and the building began to from its structure.
And on some days church members would come to the site for prayers.
Dear friends,
Here we are finally in completion of the project God has put in our hearts from 2016.
Through all the many discouragements, struggles, challenges, and at times feeling helpless, God has come through and proved to us that He is never short of resources, people to help us and wisdom. Amidst the pandemic that suddenly crippled many of our normal way of living, God has protected us and all the workers, and today here we are.
It has been a team work, and without the many dedication and support, generous contributions, practical help, and above all our Heavenly Father’s Divine hands upon us , this building would never have been possible.
With our God all things are possible. Where He leads He provides. He asks us to trust Him and obey Him. Let us continue to do so.
May this building be a channel of God’s people to draw closer to Him and to one another in unity and love, even for the next generations to come. May His Holy Spirit dwell in this place. May this building be used only for God, His glory and His Kingdom.
To God be the glory!

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