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GPRN/NSCN condemns action of 38 AR Meluri Post

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, JUNE 27: The GPRN/NSCN has strongly condemned the 38 Assam Rifles (C-Coy) of Meluri Post under the commandership of Maj. Sohail Sheikh and 2nd i/c Capt. Raishing Tangkhul of “continued self-styled transgressions and implicating/tainting” the Naga army cadres of the area under dubious charges.
“The 38 Assam Rifles C-Coy of Meluri Post have once again engaged to orchestrate in apprehending a member of GPRN/NSCN, namely Captain Mhabemo Lotha on an ungrounded accusation of possessing a country-made pistol on the night of 22nd June 2022 at around 11:30 pm at Meluri town”, it alleged in a statement.
GPRN/NSCN claimed that Capt. Mhabemo Lotha considering the prevailing congenial atmosphere in response to a call from the 2nd i/c of the AR Coy went to meet him without any inhibition at the main town of Meluri sensing some important bilateral matter. “However, on reaching the spot, he was immediately apprehended and charged of possessing firearm which they (38 AR, C-Coy) have surreptitiously planted on him (the Naga army officer). It is a matter of unfounded implication for a deceitful motive and interest since the Naga army cadres are neither assigned with nor issued any sort of firearms in this prevailing peaceful situation in the area”, it stated.
The statement alleged that in the month of February 2022 too, similar incident and activity was created by the same C-Coy, 38 Assam Rifles of Meluri post at Meluri town, which led to the death of a Naga army cadre namely Sgt. Maj. Turhuli Thupitor inside the custody of Meluri police station.
“This continued unethical and contemptible act of the said company of 38 Assam Rifles with total disregard and contempt of the Ceasefire Ground Rules (CFGR), undermines the venerable mutual relationship reached so far between the GOI and GPRN/NSCN and prospective peaceful conclusion of the Indo-Naga political issue”, it said.
The GPRN/NSCN advised the 38 Assam Rifles (C-Coy) of Meluri Post to refrain from their “continued rogue and provocative indulgences” upon Naga national workers and not act as a detrimental element on the much awaited Indo-Naga political solution.
GPRN/NSCN also urged the Chairman of CFMG/CFSB to rein in and clear the mischievous charge levelled upon the Naga army officer at the earliest for his early release.
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