GPRN-NGBF consultative meet held


Dimapur, August 11: The Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim (GPRN) held a consultative meeting with the Nagaland Gaon Buras Federation (NGBF) & its district units on August 10 at Hotel Saramati, Dimapur.
The President of the Nagaland GB Federation, Shalem Konyak expressed that Naga leaders & followers must unite & fight for the common cause, and extended their support to the Framework Agreement signed on August 3, 2015 & fervently hope for an early solution to the Indo-Naga conflict. The GB President further said that they will come to the aid of the Revolutionaries even if the road is less travelled or difficult to cross.
Shikuto Zalipu, the General Secretary, NGBF, on behalf of the NGBF thanked the GPRN for rendering their invaluable service & sacrifices made thus far for the Naga nation & endorsed the NSCN to wage the political war while they look after the domestic affairs. At any time and place, they are ready to respond to the call of the nation, he assured.
Rh. Raising, Convener, Steering Committee, gave a brief description of the unique history of the Nagas and the long struggle of the Nagas with the Indian government.
The Convener made it known to all that the sovereignty of the Nagas has never been compromised, and will never betray the people’s trust and aspiration.
The NSCN survived the harsh attempt of the adversaries to annihilate the Naga political movement because our movement is a principle and issue based backed by the Gaon Buras besides the benevolent Almighty’s will, he said.
Kilo Kilonser, Hukavi Yepthomi said that the solution to the ongoing peace talk which the Nagas patiently await is the only way to settle the Indo-Naga issue. He further said that the Cease Fire Agreement between the NSCN & Government of India came into effect in August 1997 during the premiership of IK Gujral. In course of time, the GoI in 2002 during the Premiership of AB Vajpayee recognized the unique history of the Nagas which he officially announced on India’s Independence Day speech on August 15. Therefore, any settlement of Indo-Naga conflict will be based on the political & historical rights of the Nagas.
Lieut. Gen. Anthony Shimray, Longvibu, Naga Army & Political Commissar to the Collective Leadership, also conveyed that God has blessed our land & it is the fundamental rights of the Nagas to protect & secure the land.
He said the Nagas must cling to God as He is the only one who can give us what is rightfully ours. He further said that Nagalim does not belong to the Nagas, but to God, and the Nagas are the caretakers of the land. In order to safeguard the God given land, both the Naga denizens and the NSCN needs a workable coordination. If God is with us and we are in Him, everything shall come to pass, he said. (Page News Service)