Monday, June 21, 2021
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Govt’s intent to bring Dimapur under ILP is to check unwanted elements: Jacob


Dimapur, August 24: Minister for PHED, Jacob Zhimomi on Saturday said that there has been a panic situation particularly in Dimapur with the government’s intent to bring Dimapur under ILP and the implementation of RIIN but it should not be, as these measures don’t mean that only indigenous citizens are going to live in Dimapur.
Speaking on the occasion of a blood donation drive conducted at District Hospital Dimapur in collaboration with Gorkha Christian Alliance, Gorkha Students’ Union Dimapur, All Dimapur Gorkha Baptist Churches, and 23 units of All Dimapur Gorkha Union, Zhimomi mentioned that the reasons for taking up these measures are that there are infiltrations of unwanted elements in the Dimapur district due to nonexistence of a secured border and non-indigenous people procuring indigenous certificates.
He said that with RIIN in place, people are going to still live together in the state but under different categories and unwanted elements must go.
He also urged the people to make themselves aware of the different government schemes like Ayushman Bharat National Health Protection Scheme (AB-NHPS) under which one is eligible to get an insurance cover till Rs 5 lakh.
Referring to those who had turned up to donate blood, Jacob said, “You are saving lives.”
He added that by donating blood they are not only helping others but also insuring their own lives as the certificates they get after donating blood would get them blood in emergency situations anywhere in India.
He said that Gorkhas and Nagas have always shared close relationship and this will continue.
Previously, exhorting the donors and attendants, Dr. Z. Kheshito Zhimomi, MS, DHD said that the good works of the donors will be remembered and this culture should keep growing.
Dr. Temsu Ao, i/c Blood Bank, DHD in his remark had expressed his gratitude towards the Gorkha community for doing such drive every year and assured them that not a drop of blood donated have been wasted. He also mentioned that from now onwards, the certificates will have validity for only a year.
According to Dr. Temsu, in the past financial year, Dimapur alone received 9757 units of blood from donors and since 2011 when the Gorkha community started the annual drive the community donated 1157 units of blood.
“Thank you 1157 times,” he said. “We’ll die, get transferred… but not let this stop.”
Kumar Subba, Chairman, DGU in his speech had called the donation campaign an achievement and added that their sacrifices would not go in vain. This was the 9th such blood donation drive carried out by the community. A total of 112 units were donated this year.
In the year 2018-19, 13,000 units of blood were donated across the state and since April 2015 to August 2019, 38,147 units of blood were donated in Dimapur. (Page News Service)