Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Govt’s claim of normal law & order situation an insult to public: NPCC

K Therie
NPCC President, K Therie

Dimapur, July 4: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has lashed out at the State Government for claiming that law and order situation in Nagaland is normal, and termed it as an insult to the public.
“The State Government’s claim that “law and order is normal” is an insult to the public. The writ of the State Govt has been surrendered ever since regional party came to rule. We have parallel multi-parallel SS Governments in the state. The writs of SS Governments are more feared than that of the State Government. A look at social media will confirm that people do not care or fear criticising the State Govt. openly but are careful with the SS Multi-Govts,” said NPCC president M Therie in a press release.
Replying to a letter by the State Governor to the Chief Minister on the “precarious” law and order scenario in Nagaland, the State Government has claimed that the overall law and order situation in the State continues to be normal and peaceful. It claimed that Nagaland is witnessing a period of peace and harmony.
But the NPCC differed with the Government’s assessment of normal law and order situation, claiming that the public have lost security to life and property. “Entrepreneurs, contractors and suppliers are the prey of free predators equipped with sophisticated weapons many of which have come from the State Government. The Hon’ble Chief Minister in his reply to a stared question of CLP Leader admitted in the State assembly in 2012 that 44,550 ammunitions and 152 arms were lost from police custody. Perhaps the figures could be much more as uncontrolled factional wars escalated in the following period,” it alleged.
According to Therie, illegal collection has increased manifold as all 9 ‘self-styled’ governments have agreed to collect without objecting to each other. “Clashes have come down because of the understanding between factions. It is not because of Govt’s control. Today, they all sit together in the State police check gates and collect their shares. From wholesale and retail sales, they collect monthly and some annually visiting shop to shop. Sometimes, entrepreneurs are summoned.”
Therie admitted that the record of arrests, as provided by the Government may be true. But he added, “Assam Rifles and Police have arrested many but before reaching police station, orders are given to release from political leaders in the Chair. Some were detained under NSA for one year and then released with no case. These released cadres are more furious. Public is in the knowledge how many were killed, murdered, assassinated, kidnapped, murdered, ransom paid, killing of entrepreneurs in broad daylight. Sometimes, factions claim the assassinations but the cases are registered against unknown persons.”
“In Dimapur, killing was almost daily for over 10 years. Cases are normally registered against unknown persons,” he alleged.
The NPCC also alleged that extortions in Government funding have increased as the State Government “facilitates in extortion” by way of informing all the release orders from Finance Department, DDO and contractors get orders from various factions immediately for their percentage while the MLAs and ministers commissions are also paid.
“Many DDOs have taken advantage in the situation also. RD Department forces VDB Secretaries and VCCs to sign blank cheques. Govt employees also paid 24% of a month’s salary annually,” he said.
Stating that the State is fully embroiled under extortion, illegal collection and corruption, the NPCC said no one is free from illegal collections directly or indirectly in Nagaland. And to the State Government, the above situations are normal, he ridiculed.
“State Govt’s records show no conviction. Government blames lack of forensic laboratory but the question here is who is stopping them from owning one? The State has been using Kolkata Forensic laboratory in the past and they are serving well,” he claimed.
“We have heard of Gauhati High Court directing CBI to investigate few issues however, there is no outcome. Even Central Agencies have failed in Nagaland.”
“The Plebiscite did not authorise extortion, illegal collection or corruption. I do acknowledge there is a human problem and therefore, we moved for talks without pre-conditions,” he added.
The NPCC maintained that the State Government instead of defending itself should have admitted that running parallel Government is a fact and demand for implementation of political solution.
“Since they have committed to pave the way for acceptable solution, GOI should be pleased to comply with their offer and implement the political solution through a neutral Government,” said Therie. (Page News Service)