Friday, March 5, 2021
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Govt. to ferry 20 Tripura students on Tuesday; Stranded Nagas to be brought back


Kohima, May 18: A group of students from Tripura studying at SASRD Medziphema will be leaving for their home State on Tuesday.
The Government of Nagaland has arranged a bus to send the 20 students back to their home with proper pass issued by the Home Department, said Principal Director of School Education, Shanavas C.
He said the Government of Nagaland is paying Rs 80,000 for the bus fare.
He also informed that necessary passes have been issued by the state Home Department and there should not be any problem for them to go to Tripura.
He said they would be leaving Tuesday morning after medical officials screen them for medical fitness.
Meanwhile, informing that there are around 60 stranded teachers and students from Nagaland in Tripura, Shanavas said the State Government is tying up with the Tripura Government to give clearance to around 20-25 of them.
He said the same bus will bring them back from Tripura, but as per social distancing norms all 60 Nagas cannot be accommodated, therefore those desperate and in sheer distress will be given preference to return in the bus. (Page News Service)