Govt to develop villages to develop Nagaland: Rio

Govt to develop villages to  develop Nagaland: Rio

Kohima, June 5: Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio today launched the Village Economic Development Livestock at Legacy Complex here. The programme was organised by Northern Angami Chiikehie Society (NACS).
Rio said Nagaland is a land of villages; the village life define Nagas like no other thing. “The wealth of a Naga in his village is measured by number of livestock he possessed, how much grain he has accumulated in his barns,” he said.
The CM said that the village is where Nagaland is, without developing the village; Nagaland cannot be developed. The Naga village economy has to be built, sustained and improved, so that life in village is sustained, uplifted and true Naga identity is protected, he added
“Economy is what really matters to every human being living on this earth. Taking back our people to its roots, we will build our village economy traditionally on livestock farming, poultry farming, traditional handicraft, handloom, traditional bamboo works and organic agriculture farming for a better, ‘healthier , prosperous living of our villagers,” Rio said.
He said Government will promote healthy and prosperous living in village through dignity of hard work and social re-engineering, thereby bringing a respectful living to villagers. “And, farming in village is made respectable profession, taking farmers to enviable position, who are held in high Esteem for their commercial, socio-economic success,” he said.
He said surveillance and monitoring team will be set up for success of the programme. To provide services of VFAs and veterinary doctors and provide assistance for control of animal disease and pest, utilized services of the departments and their technical know-how, he said.
Visakhoto Keditsu highlighting the program for 2018-19- The society will distribute Livestock and Horti-plants to villagers as seed product so that they can improve on their economy through this micro farming.
Each beneficiary for piggery will be given two numbers of piglet, and in the event of successful breeding and reproduction they will make contribution to the society for further chain of distribution by the society and helping out with other would-be beneficiary.
Each beneficiary for poultry will be given 20 numbers of chicks along with free fodder for one month. Each beneficiary will be given 20 saplings of grafted lemon tree for early harvesting of fruits. So, those farmers can generate income at the earliest. Each beneficiary will be given 25 saplings of Avocado li’uit for later commercial production.
Demands for special items of horti plants made by individual villages were met with; example, Dihoma unit’s demand for Geotag tree tomato of Nagaland was provided 100 saplings.
All piggery and poultry units will be provided with free fodder for one month in order to supplement proper diet and maintained proper growth of livestock.
All livestock beneficiaries will be provided with two of CGI sheets for construction of shed. Where beneficiary have already set up unit for piggery, the society will adopt the unit by giving the seed money to them. Where necessary expertise of professionals both veterinarian and agni-scientist will be utilized for technical know-how.
Total beneficiary for piggery will be 268 Units and total beneficiary for poultry will be 429 units. Total beneficiary for lemon will be 50 units and total beneficiary for Avocado will be 75 units. GeoTag, Tree Tomato will be 100 units. Capital investment for the economic upliftment programme for 2018-19 is Rs 55 lakh. (Page News Service)
Envisage Targeted income expected to be generated in one and half year from this Economic upliftment Programme of our Northern Villages will be  Rs 1,89,40,000.
(Page News Service)