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Govt teachers, School Education staff ordered to stay put

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Dimapur, April 20: Following the announcement of closure of school for Classes 1 to 8, the government of Nagaland has ordered all categories of teachers, officers/staff serving in government schools, DEO/Sr. SDEO/SDEO establishments to remain in station and attend duties at their respective establishments.

In an order issued on Tuesday, the Directorate of School Education informed that no employee should leave station without obtaining Station Leave Permission from competent authorities.
It directed teachers to prepare explanatory notes, worksheets, assignments etc. for topics given in text books for Classes 1 to 8.
School heads should make arrangements to distribute the notes, worksheets/assignments etc. to parents of students once or twice in a week on different days/timings for different classes so as to follow the SOPs notified by the State Government on April 16, it added.
“Parents/students shall be notified for submission of the completed worksheets/assignments on specified days at different intervals of time for the different classes. Schools shall collect the completed worksheets/assignments and distribute new notes, worksheets/assignments etc along with feedbacks of the previous worksheets/assignments submitted. Parents may be encouraged to take keen interest in the worksheets/assignments of their children and assist in online/digital mode of education as far as possible.
“School heads shall ensure that only a reasonable number of worksheets/assignments which can be completed by students through self-study are given to students. Use of digital/online mode of education shall be encouraged. The video lessons broadcasted for Classes 5 to 7 during the lockdown period 2020 are still available in Department’s YouTube Channel (DoSE Nagaland) and Facebook Page (School Education, Nagaland). Teachers and students are advised to make use of those videos as well. More digital/video lessons will be provided shortly by the department,” the department informed.
It further directed the teachers to record details of notes, worksheets/assignments prepared, distributed and feedbacks given etc. in a note, in the format given in Teachers’ Diary. It should be checked and countersigned by the school heads regularly (New Teacher’s Diary will be issued soon).
“School heads shall upload daily activities in the online school monitoring portal ( w.e.f. 28/04/2021 before 4 pm of all working days along with attendance report of teachers. It is mandatory for all government school teachers (including school heads) to register at the Teacher’s App. School heads shall ensure that all teachers serving under their establishment are registered at the Teacher’s App,” it stated.

Particulars of teachers who have not yet registered at the Teacher’s App due to mobile number mismatch have been directed to submit at ( through their respective DEO/Sr. SDEO/SDEO.
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