Govt stole limelight from cast & crew of Nani Teri Morni: NPF

Govt stole limelight from cast & crew of Nani Teri Morni: NPF

Dimapur, October 12: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has slammed the “disrespect” and “cold shoulder” shown by the PDA Government to the cast and crew of the movie Nani Teri Morni based on the true-life events of Mhonbeni Ezung by commandeering the event during the screening of the movie with the intention of hog the limelight.
“When the cast and crew had not received any sort of assistance from the State Government, what right does it have to take ownership of the event which the production team dutifully and tirelessly planned? Such insensitivity and callous attitude of the PDA Government towards its own people is repulsing,” it said in a communiqué.
Stating that the boycott by the cast and crew of the movie at the time of the screening speak volumes of the discontentment, the NPF alleged that the PDA Government gave the slightest attention to what the team, who put their heart and soul into the project, desired as the Government’s primary target was only on the optics and applauds.
“On Oct. 10, a man who was arrested for raping his own juvenile daughter at Meluri Town under Phek District managed to escape from police custody the same day itself. This is the pathetic state of affairs under PDA Government which is least bothered about such short-coming on its part but loses no time when it comes to snatching the credit of others,” it alleged.
Asking the PDA Government to send out a clear message to its officers to perform their assigned duties and not overstep onto the jurisdiction of others and act as ‘Mr. Know-it-all’ on every issue, the NPF said the failure and misstep of an officer is the mirror image of the Government under whom he/she serves.
“Having learnt the nature and choice of words used against a prominent personality and the line producer of the movie Rebecca Changkija by a certain IAS officer who works directly under the supervision of the Chief Minister himself as the Commissioner and Secretary to the CM, the NPF party finds the attitude of the officer absolutely demeaning,” it said, adding the officer attempt to swerve away from the controversy blaming it on “miscommunication” as a cliché when one tries to cover up ones blunder.
“Was the officer acting on his own volition or was it instructed to him by the Chief Minister of the State,” it asked. The NPF said regardless on whose direction it was, demoralisation of the people who had worked so tirelessly towards the success of the movie is irreparable.
“An event which could have brought laurels to the State has been turned into an event filled with remorse and pain. The PDA Government should realise its responsibility and govern the State as is asked for and not dictate and turn into an autocratic State,” it added. (Page News Service)