Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Govt. should give financial aid to Private Schools: ANPSA Dimapur unit

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DIMAPUR, JULY 11: Facing criticisms as well as calls to waive off school fees in an academic calendar completely disrupted by the COVID pandemic, the Dimapur unit of All Nagaland Private Schools’ Association (ANPSA) has contended that Nagaland Government should provide grants-in-aid to all private schools as opposed to “pouring all the public money in Government schools which are non-productive”.

In a lengthy statement issued on Sunday, the Association suggested that the proposed grants-in-aid could be provided in the form of “paying off at least 50% of the schools fees, reducing the burden of the Parents/Guardians at large”.
“It is worth mentioning that in other States, huge percentage of Private School teachers’ salaries are born by their respective State Governments. Why not in Nagaland?” it asked.
According to the Association, “the narrow attitude and sheer negligence” have dampened the morale and spirit of many credible and good Private Schools in the State.
“In spite of the State’s literacy rate being raised by us at the national-level, the State gets all the credit of the literacy rates. Sadly, though the contribution of private schools has been immense in development of education sector in Nagaland and has also brought Nagaland in the map of education in India and in the International sphere”, it stated, adding that Private Schools, which cater to approximately 75% in the State, are always sidelined.
In response to the criticisms, it claimed that “many individuals immensely fail to be grateful” that their children are receiving quality educational facilities at Private Schools in Nagaland.

“Some organisations are trying to get cheap leverage by showing concerns in the public eye by manipulating public emotions in the form of fake empathy to gain their own alternative motives and to turn the situation into a platform to spring their own success”, it stated. [Click here for Full Text ]
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